Thrifty finds #4

I've not had the time to be trawling the charity shops and sadly it's not been car booting season so second hand finds have been a bit on the sparce side. Luckily my mum has been on the case

001: Brown cameo scarf pin
I have started to build up a collection of scarf pins when i'm out and about. They always look so pretty and you can always pick them up fairly cheaper. I'm like a magpie for any kind of jewellery. One day i'll get round to wearing them.
002: Celery, Onion and Cucumber pots
These have to be one of the ugliest yet amusing things around! I think they're fab and have been on the lookout for some for my bottom drawer since I saw my aunts collection. They remind me of my nan as her mint sauce version is one of my earliest memories as it was always on the table at dinner time. Funny how certain objects transport us right back to yesterday. I've got my parents to thank for these beauties.

003: Glass Tower Bridge salt and pepper pot
I adore quirky bits and bobs like this - things that look slightly out of the ordinary. This was actually given to my mum so we'll sharing! I love the fact it looks like the London landmark and has a little pot for mustard. Not that I eat mustard but I like little pots for EVERYTHING! It'll look so adorable for when I throw dinner parties. 

Have you found anything in charity shops recently?


January Empties

This month I seem to be using up products like nobodies business! I've already done reviews on the linked products.

001: Aussie Take the Heat leave-in cream c/o Blogger event
I picked this up at an Aussie event I went to absolutely ages ago and have finally used it up. I tend to start a product and then get bored and it goes to one side. This didn't make my hair feel greasy which was a giant plus. I can't really comment too much as it's the first heat protection cream i've used but i'd definately buy it again if I didn't nab some different brands from work.

003: Rimmel concealer
I have no idea what this is called as it's rubbed off but this was my failsafe product to try and disguise my dreaded dark circles. I've brought this time and time again. It glides on nicely and pretty much does what it says on the tin. The only reason why I wouldn't repurchase is because i've now discovered the Collection one. What a god send!

005: Marc Jacobs Daisy
This is my all time favourite daytime perfume - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is my favourite evening. I spray this on by the bucketload. It smells so crisp and fresh. As you can tell i'm pretty rubbish at describing smells but I absolutely love this one!

007: Molton Brown vitalising vitamin AB+C Bath and shower
I recieved this in a glossybox back when I was a subscriber. I'm a massive fan of Molton Brown products - I just don't like the prices. It smells gorgeous and lathers up like a good 'un. There's nothing worse than a shower gel that performs pathetically.

008: Maybelline Colossal Volume express
I adore this mascara, it's one I got back to countless times. I love big fat brushes. I have fairly sensitive eyes and some mascara wands really hurt. This comes off like a dream and doesn't feel too rough on my eyes. It does the job very well indeed.

009: Vo5 High Volume extra strong hold weather resistant spray
Trying out a different brand has made me realise just how much I love this hairspray. It keeps your style nice and solid without feeling sticky and hard. The massive can is great value for money and it lasts for ages.

What items have you been using this month?


My little brother's just discovered rock and roll

Burgandy dork t-shirt: Primark
Camo jacket: Topshop
Black skinny jeans: Primark
White plimsols: Vans
Diamond statement necklace: Primark
White art deco style earrings: Primark

One of my favourite things to do is going to see live music. From frequently attending Party in the Park as a kid - seeing Wyclef Jean on stage drove me wild ha - to finally getting to see the Libertines live at Reading, i've lost count of the number of gigs i've been too. One of the first things before you can pop along to a gig is of course to get hold of tickets. If you're a bit slow on the uptake like me and very often miss out on tickets, StubHub UK can be a lifesaver. Owned by Ebay, this ticket website lets you get hold of a variety of genres. You'll even get Robbie Williams tickets  -who I saw at Knebworth and is by far one of the greatest live shows i've ever seen. The great news is they'll be guaranteed to be genuine and you'll recieve them in plenty of time.

I'm seeing Two Door Cinema Club in London next Friday and this is the outfit i'm planning to wear - i'm lucky my office is fairly casual so I won't look too out of place during the day. I think skinny jeans and a tee are the perfect gig outfit. You don't want to be worried about your skirt riding up when you're dancing away to your favourite song. Comfortable shoes are a must especially if you're planning on standing. At the grand old age of 24 i've decided to stay away from the mosh pit - brusied feet no longer appeal to me.

Who's the best artist you've seen live?

This post was written in collaboration.

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