November empties

I see these types of posts on various blogs and am always making a mental list of things I need to buy to try out. Since I started blogging I find myself addicted to lotions and potions - it doesn't help that I pick up bits and pieces from work either. I'm hoping these monthly posts will give me the kick up the backside to start using things up.

001: Wilkinson's Fruity Berry shower smoothie (recieved in a goody bag)
Last year I had a mental Christmas in July while I was interning and one of the press days I went to was Wilkinsons who gave away a pretty snazzy goodie bag. I must admit I didn't have much hope when I opened this but was pleasantly surprised when I finally did. I like my shower scrubs to actually feel like their working so I come out the shower feeling extremely clean. This one certainly did - in fact it left me looking a bit red it was so rough! The smell was absolutely gorgeous and it was provided a great base for when I fake tanned - no orange patches for me! If i'm ever in Wilkinsons i'll think I definately make a beeline to pick this up again.

002:  No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover
I had a No7 voucher I had to desperately use up - you all know the feeling - so decided to give this a whirl. I've actually just brought my second bottle so it's safe to say this one is a winner. I wear contact lenses and it's very soft on my sometimes irritated eyes. It removes every scrape although it can leave the eye area feeling a bit greasy. But that's nothing a moisturiser can't fix.

003: MeMeMe Seventh Heaven (picked up from the beauty drawer in work)
I recieved this in a Glossybox a few months ago so knew it was worth another whirl. I absolutely love the sweet smell but I find that it doesn't quite combat the dry skin around my nose area which is the only reason why I wouldn't personally buy it.

004: No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream Dry/Very Dry
This is my second pot which says a lot as I don't really tend to buy a product twice unless I really love it. After all there's so much to try eh? This really does help the dry skin around my nose and I really like the fact it has SPF 15. As i'm getting older I really trying to start the fight against wrinkles - no one wants to look like a Shar Pei! - and we all know the sun can be an absolute killer. It glides on the skin really nicely and makes your skin lovely to touch.

005: Garnier Fresh Essentials Refreshing Toner
I've been using this toner for the past few years. I can never tell the different between cheap or expensive toners and as this is reasonably priced I stick with it. As long as it doesn't make me break out i'm happy! It's usually on special offer in Boots so that's another factor why it makes a regular appearance.

006: Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Regenerating Night Cream
Night cream is a recent addition to my skincare routine and i've really noticed the difference. Working in London means my skin takes a battering and this helps to nurse it back to life. The thickness of the product means it feels ever so luxurious on my skin and a little goes a long way.

Have you got any products you tend to buy over and over again?

A sneak peak

Room tours are one of my favourite things to read on blogs - for a naturally nosy person like myself they're great! I thought I'd try one of my own and show everyone some of my favourite corners of my room. I'm a natural hoarder so so be prepared for a lot of things!

This is my perfume shelf - my beloved Chanel sits at the back - filled with little secondhand nic-naks. The gorgeous pink atomiser is one of my favourite finds and i'm on the hunt for more to add to my collection. The picture of Connor and I is from when we were whippersnappers at the tender age of 18. The massive picture college below was a 21st birthday present from my parents.

I aspire to be just like Audrey Hepburn so it's apt that a huge picture hangs above my bed.

 Like I said my room is full of random junk! My best friend brought me back the kangaroo balls bottle opener when she went to Australia, the signed Backstreet Boys photo was a very well recieved 21st birthday present and that graduation bear was something my mum picked me up from a bootsale. She went through a phase of buying me graduation-theme things when I completed my degree - more evidence below!

 Excuse my messy bookcase - it's due a good tidy up one of these days. The creepy looking tramp - freaks my best friend out everytime she's round - has sentimental value. At my grandparents house it used to sit in front of their TV and my grandad would always talk about it. So when he died it was one of the things I nabbed. The dressing table glass set holds my cameo collections, hair slides and rings. I have far too much jewellery! The brownie bear sitting in the glass was a present when I finally hung up my boots as a leader due to working in London. My boyfriends sister brought me the tin behind one birthday and it houses all my Lush bath bombs.

You may have spotted this pretty Orla Kiely candle sitting on my bookcase. It was very kindly gifted to me by Amara.  I opted for the fig tree scent to help remind me of Christmas and it smells absolutely gorgeous! With 50 hours of burning time, my room will be smelling lovely in the build up to Christmas. Nothing like a scented candle to help you relax after a stressfull day at work! The beautiful glass means that it can be reused for something else - i'm thinking to hold make up brushes just like Sarah.
I'm a sucker for brooches - I don't even want to know how many I own. I was given quite a few from my Great nan's collection but am too scared to wear them in public so I scour bootsales to find ones to wear. After all it's better to lose something that's worth 50p then lose something of sentimental value. I like to keep a few of my favourite ones on display.

I told you my mum went through a phase of collection graduation-themed trinkets. This owl teapot has pride of place on my dvd holder.
Finally despite having a kindle I can't get out of the habit of gathering books. I hardly ever buy new perfering to pick them up from charity shops or bootsales. You'd be suprised at what you'd find! I don't really have a favourite genre and will quite happily read anything. Actually i'm looking for a few Kindle recommendations if you have any please?
So that's my room! If you have any of your own room tours, i'd love to see them so please do leave me a link!

Her lingo went from the cockney to the gringo

Burgandy polka dot midi dress: Asos
Gold coloured statement necklace: Primark
Black leather ankle boots: Topshop
Black opaque tights: Primark
Zebra print umbrella: Primark

I'm fairly fickle but at the minute this is my favourite dress. It's the perfect dress for all occcasions. It's great to wear casual at the weekend - going for pie and mash like I am today! -, brilliant to be smart enough for work and fab for looking like you've made the effort for a friday night down the pub. Not bad for £32! I love Asos dresses for daytime wear as they're usually quite reasonable. After all who wants to spend £50 on a casual dress?!

I'm having a bit of a wardrobe crisis at the minute in regards to work wear. I have plenty to wear on evening out - just a shame I don't seem to go out anymore - and enough things to wear over the two day weekend. I have plenty of clothes but nothing I feel is suitable for work. It's quite a casual office and i've never done well with casual. I don't really feel comfortable wearing jeans to work and don't have that many everyday dresses. I've got all these pencil skirts and nowhere to wear them! Blogger problems eh?

What do you all wear to work?

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