Love taught me to lie

Burgandy and black polka dot wiggle dress: Asos
Black faux suede peep toe platforms: New Look
Black tights: Primark
Black beaded statement necklace: New Look
Red lipstick: C/O Clothing at Tesco

I did want to take outfit pictures outside to show this dress off in its full glory but alas the weather elements were against me. I fear this is a sign of things to come. It's been so cold and been raining non stop all day!

It's safe to say that the arrival of this dress on Wednesday made my week. It just screams 'me' and I already have a few of the same style of dress but different patterns. Why fix something that isn't broken? Dresses like this are the sole reason why I sell my life on ebay. I'm off to a family party tonight and then going to brave TOWIE land for my friends birthday after. I'm wearing far too many clothes and am looking rather pale so am going to stand out like a sore thumb. I wouldn't have it any other way...

P.S. You can tell i've got a proper job as my wardrobe is slowly becoming less Primark! I can afford to shop in other shops now!

Look Scary

Like I mentioned last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend Look Scary in conjuction with Blackberry and o2 at London Dungeons on Thursday. As always it was so nice to see all my blogging favourites and of course meet some new ones such as the lovely Ellie. I met up in a nearby pub to get changed into my skeleton outfit - I got quite a few funny looks as I strolled out of the toilet! The lovely Sarah very kindly did my brilliant make up. I may have accidently hung on to Sarah and Lauren as we were walking around - not too keen on having things jump out at me in the pitch black dark! The tour was brilliant as usual and considering it was my third time to the dungeons I still jumped out of my skin a few times - not too keen on the gallows ride to be honest! How amazing does Laura's doll make up look? She was even more freaky in real life!

I managed to go to my first Tarot card reading and i'm quite sure if I believe in it. Some things she said did make sense so I suppose you could make a believer out of me yet. I know she was very good with other people!

Thanks so much to Charlie for the invite and for Lily and Zoe for hosting it.


Sometimes good things never last

Brown scalloped blouse - Primark
Brown midi pleather skirt - Primark
Gold glitter heels - Primark
Pink and gold statement ring - Primark
China Glaze Adventure Red-y nail varnish - Via beauty drawer at work

So looks like I'm a walking advertisement for Primark! I have worn this outfit before on the blog minus the glitter shoes but in real life we wear things more than once right? I bagged these amazing shoes for just a tenner in the new Tottenham Court Road store a few weeks ago. I had to have them in time for the festive season. I'm a sucker for glitter, sequins and velvet in the lead up to Christmas.  I wore this to a surprise 50th birthday party at the weekend that my sister-in-law organised for their dad which she pulled off very well.

I'm off  out tonight for a night at the London Dungeons in association with O2 and Blackberry. I'm very excited to see some blogging friends and make some new ones. I just hope other people's costumes don't put mine to shame as I've had to come straight from work!

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