Stop making the eyes at me, I'll stop making the eyes at you

Orange lace midi dress: Asda
Denim jacket: Primark
Nude ballet pumps: New Look
Oversize faux-pearl necklace: gift from friend

This an example of an outfit that I wear to work. My office is fairly casual - lots wear jeans and converse. But I like to make the effort to dress up a bit more as I have so many clothes it'd be a crime not to wear them! This denim jacket is one of the best investments i've worn in a long time - it's perfect for the 'summer' we seem to be having! I brought this dress in the sale and it's the perfect length for work to wear with bare legs. It's also pretty handy to take on holiday with me as I guess i'll only wear it a handful of times thanks to this brilliant weather.

I've been getting into the Olympic spirit this week having attended the mens road race and womens hockey today. Attending these sorts of events make me realise just how much I love london. The city really has done so well even if London Transport did make me an hour late for the hockey this morning. Suppose a deflective train can't really be helped... I'm off to see the football quarter final on Saturday, I need GB to come second in their group to see them. I'm also going to attend the womens marathon on Sunday so it's a jam-packed week!

Has anyone else been religiously watching the Olympics? Or been to see some action themselves?


Bloggers wear pineapples

So on Saturday a group of bloggers decided to take over Hyde Park to stuff themselves with lots of food and have a gossip. Thankfully the sun decided to finally come out so we didn't have to huddle underneath umbrellas.

What a complete and utter fantastic day it was. The dream team pulled off a corker. I met up with Sarah, Hannah, Sarah, Ashling and Michelle to source the best spot to have out picnic and I don't think I stopped laughing  all day. It was so lovely of people to come and join in with us and i'm touched by how many people made the effort. I didn't get to talk to as many people as I wanted but then that's always the way. Just means we have to hold another one eh?

 Can you tell me and Hannah enjoyed cider that day?
 Sarah's amazing homemade cupcakes. I can confirm they were very tasty indeed!
 How many bloggers does it take to work out how to use a bubble blower? THREE! I love Leanne's excited face!
 I think we had more than enough food don't you?! Would just like to say how yummy Elodie's amazing peanut butter cookies were. I may have eaten three...

Photos stolen from Hannah and Sarah as i've broken my camera boo!

The sun has got its hat on

Blue cotton midi sun dress: Asos
3/4 length sleeved lemon cardiagn: Dorothy Perkins
Lemon flat pumps: Next
Blue floral statement ring: Primark
Vintage straw bag: eBay

Photo was very kindly taken by the superb Hannah

So this is what I wore to the fantastic bloggers picnic on Saturday in Hyde Park - i've got a whole post dedicated to it coming up! I had the nicest day ever and it was so lovely to see all my favourites. It didn't rain hurrah! But I do look a bit windswept here!

I brought this dress quite a while ago when we was having the heatwave and then the continuous rain started and it lingered in the back of my wardrobe. Thankfully the sun decided to rear it's head so I made sure I made the most of it. I decided to embrace the pastels trend and go for lemon cardigan and pumps. These sort of dresses have my name written all over them. I feel my most comfortable in an outfit like this and think it'll be a work staple if this gorgeous weather continues. Fingers crossed!

So i'm now a grown up with a full time job and am completely loving it so far. It's so overwhelming and so much much to remember but i'll think i'll get the hang of it soon. Everyone is so friendly and nice that it makes it a lot easier. They don't seem to mind my constant questions either which is a plus! Not sure how i'm going to cope on the tube in the hot weather - thinking i might overheat like a dog!

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