Notting Hill Carnival

I ventured down to Notting Hill Carnival on Bank Holiday Monday. I've not been since I was a kid and am determined to make the most of all the free events in London. It's not quite as fast paced as I remember - it's very stop and start. But it was still a good day out and I managed to finally try curried goat. The food is always the best part of any day out!

Did anyone else get to the carnival?

Thrifty Finds #1

After picking up lots of junk each week - much to my dad's dismay - I decided to start up a weekly feature where I showcase what i've managed to pick up. No one in my house is bothered that i've picked up yet another compact mirror.

Here's what I picked up last week over the course of the weekend.

001. Set of six Babycham glasses
I have been hunting out for these for god knows how long but everyone seems to know the value of them and asking prices always seem to be high. I spotted these tucked away in a cardboard box under the table. I wasn't going to rummage as I only had ten minutes left but I spotted some whisky glasses and decided to dive in. I got so excited when I realised there were Babycham glasses and even more excited when the seller wanted just £2 for all six! I didn't even try to haggle the price down.

002. Pink Marcel Franck glass atomiser
I decided on a whim that I wasnted to start collecting perfume bottles as I obviously need yet more things to hoard. I spotted this amongst a stall of endless books and managed to haggle the owner down to £2.50. I got the shock of my life when I decided to do a little research and found one on an American antique website selling for $175! 

003. Cameo brooch cameo pendant and brown oval stone brooch
The first thing i'm drawn to at bootsales is jewellery. I'm after any brooches, anything cameo related or any pearls. Basically anything an old lady would like. I'm trying to ween myself off brooches - 30 is perhaps a bit excessive especially as I wear them once in a blue moon. But I couldn't resist this brown one and of course the cameo brooch had to come home with me. It'll look lovely on the lapel of my winter coat.

004. Stratton peacock compact mirror
This beauty was only a £1 and I was delighted to find out it was from the 1960s - I love items with a sense of history. Admittedly i've not used it yet as i'm too scared to lose it but what's the point of it sitting on my dressing table eh?

005.Ornate glass pot
I've turned into my mother and am obsessed with anything glass. Butter dishes, cake stands, triffle dishes and dressing tables sets - we have them all in this house. I have no idea what to use this as - thinking maybe to store my cotton wool? But I had to take it home and it's looking very pretty sitting by my rings!

My Olympic experience so far

I may be an Essex girl born and bred but London's always had a special place in my heart. From the day my parents took me to the Natural History Museum - I asked to go for my fourth birthday so i've always been a geek -  i've been hooked on the big smoke. I'm finally living my dream of working in the city and hopefully may even move there one day. I therefore think of London as my city and have been extremely proud of how it's pulled the Olympics off. The atmosphere has been electric and i've tried to take advantage. So far i've managed to catch the football, cycling road race and women's hockey and am popping along to the women's marathon tomorrow with my nan and mum. I can't believe just how well team GB are performing and it makes me incredibly proud to be a Brit. For such a small country we have an immense wealth of talent. I feel so lucky to have seen the Olympics in my home country, COME ON TEAM GB!!

P.S Please ignore the not too flattering photos of me - I had extremely early starts ha!

P.P.S That's my dear old dad i'm standing with outside Wembley.


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