Flower power

Black sleeveless shirt: H&M
Floral cropped trousers: H&M
Black round toed court shoes: Primark
Gold coloured necklace: H&M
Gold and turquoise statement ring: Topshop

I do feel like a bit of a blogger cliche in these trousers as EVERYONE seems to have them. But they're pretty lush eh? Plus they were only £12.99 which was a complete bargain. The shirt was only £7.99, who knew H&M had Primark prices? I'll have to pop in there more often. I'm completely in love with this trousers much to the disgust of my boyfriend who turned his nose up at them when I got home. He's an old fashioned boy at heart!

I'm braving this outfit on the streets of Essex tonight and as always I suppose I'll look overdressed for a night out on the town. I.E I don't have my bum or boobs hanging out. But that's just how I like it. I've decided to take advantage of the bank holiday so have rebelled and am going out on a Thursday night, it will be so nice to see everyone for a catch up and have a bit of a boogie. I don't think my liver will thank me in the morning.

Have you got any plans for the Bank Holiday weekend? I'm popping down my nans today with a homemade lasagne for her and my grandad plus having a bootsale on Sunday. Rock and Roll lifestyle.

Review: Lush Fluffy Egg

I am a sucker for Lush but unfortunately I don't have one near me so whenever I spot one on my travels I always make sure I pop in. I brought the Fluffy Egg, retailing at £2.95, while I was in Aberdeen. This bath bomb is part of Lush's special Easter Range, I was umming and ahhing over The Immaculate Eggception but it was just that little bit too expensive.
In my opinion a sigh of a good bath bomb is one that immediately fizzes aggressively as soon as it hit the water. This was just the ticket, it had gone completely within a matter of seconds and the water turned an amazing shade of bright pink. Even with a stinking cold I was hit by the smell of bubblegum and it filled the whole bathroom. It left my skin feeling lovely and soft. It was the perfect way to pamper myself since i'm feeling a bit sorry for myself with this cold!

I'd definitely recommend this one but hurry as they're limited edition so won't be around for long! Plus they're a lot less calories than a chocolate egg ;)

Have you tried this bath bomb? If so, what did you think?

A (late) snapshot #12

001. I won tickets to the Glossybox Caudalie VIP event which was a lovely surprise! My friend and I did get a bit lost but we got there in the end and as a result spent a small fortune. I am so easily swayed and as soon as the skincare expert told me I had dehydration due to working in london I ending on splashing the cash. This is the exact reason why I never get made up at make up counters - i'd buy everything!

002. I was very lucky to win an Ever Ours twitter competition last week in the form of a cute bicycle necklace. I'm ever so happy with it and am already mooching around on the website to see what else I can own!

003. Nomnomnom! Pie, mash and liquor = perfect comfort food. It was well worth using 24 weightwatcher points on this! Try vinegar on it, the liquor taste so much nicer. Our local one is David Beckham's favourite, they actually ship it over to LA for him and he's always in there when he's back home.

004. A little gem I managed to pick up in a charity shop. I have such a thing for cameos and they're the first thing I look out for in charity shops. This one isn't of any worth but it's still a nice addition. Complete bargain too at only £1.99.

005. Summer weather called for summer nails! I am extremely impressed with this nail varnish, it lasted a whole week before it started to chip and it's only one nail that's chipped. That's almost unheard of for me, i'm the type that chips their nail varnish within an hour!

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