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Grey tweed blazer: Next
White v-neck t-shirt: Primark
Demin skinny jeans: Primark
Blue and brown bow pumps: Primark
Vintage navy kelly bag: Charity Shop

I bet you've all forgotten what I looked like due to my lack of outfit posts. Hopefully i'm back on track and have lots to blog about. I've just been so busy! Things will slow down a bit next week.

I nabbed this tweed blazer in the next sale, i've had my eye on it ever since it came in but even with 25% discount it was still a little steep so i'm over the moon I managed to get it for half price. I adore the elbow patches and feel so grown up in it! You can see a peek of the elbow patches in the first image if you really strain your eyes, they're pretty lush. The bag was a charity shop find and was only a £1 so it would have been rude not to add it to my ever growing Kelly bag collection. Think i'm on about six or seven now! I am craving a bit of charity shop binge, might try and fit a few in over the bank holiday weekend.

Hope you're all having a great weekend. I've just got back from some amazing pie, mash and liquor. It was the lunch of champions.



Just a few snaps from Aberdeen. I am still recovering from the lack of sleep, guess that's what happened when you go visit someone at Uni! I did want to do a few outfit posts while I was up there but was in no fit state to even try and make an effort. Classy!

I had an amazing three days in Scotland, we were so lucky to have such beautiful weather. The little break away consisted of our friend pretending to be Oscar the Grouch in a dumpster on the way home, drinking cocktails out of buckets, staying in a four poster bed, eating the best smartie cupcake, finding some goodies in the charity shops, wandering around Aberdeen city centre at silly o'clock in the morning, going to a UV bubble party, spending a small fortune on the 2p machines, losing miserably at crazy golf and drinking a lethal homemade cocktail that I never want to try again. Vodka, Rum, Whiskey and Lambrini don't mix for some reason... Life seems a bit boring now i'm home!

A snapshot #11

001. The pub crawl last night was a success. I didn't drink much at all (don't look too surprised) as it didn't seem worth wasting my weightwatchers points on it. We ended up staying in the third pub where they had a live band on. It was a really nice chilled out evening, just what I needed!

002. Who says you can't eat sausage sandwiches on weightwatchers eh? I've now lost 10.5lbs which isn't too shabby. Ideally I did want to have lost 12lb by Aberdeen (flying out at 7am tomorrow!) but I have had a few cheat days so beggers can't be choosers. Still I am fairly pleased with my progress. My clothes are getting looser and my confidence in clothes is getting larger.

003. Not going to lie, I only dragged the boyfriend to see Bel Ami so I could perve on Robert Pattinson. I got to see his bum so all was good. But the film... Not soo sure what to make of it. I really wanted to like it and I actually do rate R-Patz as a good actor - he's not just a pretty face. He was really good in the dramatic parts but the normals bits I just kept seeing Edwards in pain face, you know that look in Twlight he does all the time? Twilight annoys me as a film (although I have seen ALL of them) and I really don't think it showcases R-Patz talent.

004. I always get into Liverpool Street 45 minutes early for work as if I get the next bus i'm late. Sods law. So to pass the time I always wander around boots and quite often pick up some little treats - don't tell the mother she'll want to up the housekeep ;) These are what I treated myself to this week. I have the grey colour on at the minute, it's lasted so well. Usually mine chip within the hour while this has only just chipped today and it's been on for 3 days.

005.My Harrods glossybox! I was pleased with what I got this month, using the samples for Aberdeen. They've come in handy! However, I don't think it worth all the hype - i've noticed that Glossybox do this a lot but them don't tend to deliver. I completely understand that it's a sample box and i'm completely hanpy with this but by hyping it up people are expecting more. I understand why they are getting backlash. This is my last box as i've decided I want to try another beauty box - had this one for about 6 months. Maybe one more make-up based, any ideas?

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