Middle ground

Topshop floral midi dress - £50

Parrot palm midi dress - £70

Wallpaper ombre midi shirt dress - £80

My love affair with midi dresses is still going full steam ahead. I felt strangely exposed when I wore my leather shorts out at the weekend. I felt like my bum should have been a bit more covered. Could it be at the age of 22 that I now need to cover up a bit more? Am I getting old?

001. I actually have this dress just in a different colour. Rust, if anyone is wondering. It will be my graduation dress on Wednesday. I love this and feel the urge to make it mine, it is such a lovely fit and who doesn't love some florals.

002. It was the unusual neckline that drew me to this dress. Followed by the lovely print. I think this would work really well with thick tights and heeled ankle boots. I wonder if it is as nice in real life?

003. This dress excites me and disgusts me at the same time. It is really quite ugly with all the clashing colours but yet so pretty at the same time. I love the pussy bow; they are always winners in my eyes. The price is not so much of a winner.

Now I wanna see y'all on y'all baddest behaviour

Black leather shorts: Topshop
Cream 3/4 length flower trimed top: Primark
Black polka dot tights: Primark
Black faux suede wedges: New Look
Nail varnish: No7 Rose Truffle 76

I was pleasantly surprised that these shorts still fit me as i've put on some weight recently. So to celebrate that I thought I would wear them out tonight on a night out on the town. I brought this top a few weeks ago (in the hell hole that is Marble Arch Primark) with the intention of wearing it to work but now I have thought about it I think it is too pretty to just wear to work. I think I am going to wear it out a few times and then resign it to work. I love patterned tights, I think they really jazz up an outfit. But no doubt these will be laddered by the end of the end and have ended up in the bin. Anyone else always ladder tights?

Like I said I am going out dancing tonight. I am only going out locally so will be the oldest person out amongst 16-year-olds. Tragic. Ah well I can still party like the rest of them! The best friend is coming round to have pre-drinks, good gossip and watch The X Factor. We haven't been out dancing in about a month so tonight is very much needed.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday night! Anyone else looking forward to The X Factor?

You are my destiny, Jai Ho

Gold satin embroidered top: Charity Shop
Gold satin maxi skirt: Charity Shop
Nude bow sandals: River Island
Gold coloured bangles: Topshop and Primark

An outfit post with a bit of a twist today!

I spent the weekend in the Wembley Hilton attending a Jazzacise weekend. Major fail on that part as I only did 2.5 classes out of about 12! But I did have such an amazing time and spent it with two of my favourite people. I don't think I have danced or laughed that much in a very long time. I would post some pictures but I don't think they are suitable for this blog!

On the Saturday night it was Bollywood night which meant we had to get an outfit. I had borrowed one from my mum's friend but was so scared to wear it as she told my mum she wore it to weddings. I am an extremely clumsy person and could imagine me falling over and ripping a big hole in the sari!

As we wandered in search of the local Primark, we spotted that the window display of Oxfam was full of saris. I have never seen so many beaded or brightly coloured pieces of clothing in my life. They were all so pretty. As we ummed and ahhed over them, a lovely lady came to our aid. She had a rummage through the back, taught us how to tie saris and re-threaded some trousers for my friend.

I wish I could dress like this every day, it made me feel like a princess. The amount of detailing in the top is immense and must have taken such a long time. Can you believe that this was only £10?! Amazing! I brought a sari too because it was pretty and only £6. You never know, it might come in handy!

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