A little vintage spree

I aquired some goodies when I visited Brighton, it is hard not to considering the amount of beautiful vintage shops in the area. I did not buy nearly as much as I wanted too as I only had a £20 budget but I am very pleased with what I managed to find!

Vintage red and black floral cotton scarf - This baby was only a £1 so obviously it had to be made mine. I loved the fact that this was massive as most of my vintage scarfs are only really suitable for my hair. It is also made with cotton so its perfect for the summer months when it gets a bit chilly in the evening. It was from Snoopers Attic, upstairs in Snooper Paradise. The vintage was beautiful if not a tad overpriced. I cannot justify £65 for a dress with holes.

Silver tassel Topshop Necklace - This is a find from Snoopers Paradise but it's not vintage. I recognised it from a few years back in Topshop. I dont really have silver costume jewellery and I loved the tassel. It was only £3 which I thought was very reasonable. I could have come away with armfuls of jewellery but managed to refrain myself. Just.Vintage brown faux croc leather handbag - I adore this bag, I have started to build up a collection of Kelly bags. I thought it was perfect for going out as sometimes a Kelly bag can look a bit clumpy with a pretty dress. It is in perfect condition and was only £12. In fact I dont think it has ever been used!Models Own nail art pen - Obviously this was not a vintage find but I spotted this in Urban Outfitters and now I have stopped biting my nails I want to be a bit braver with how I decorate them. I am going to sit down one day this week and try and attempt leopard nails. Wish me luck!
I hope everyone has had a fab Bank Holiday, what did you get up too?

I spent the day in Clacton gambling my money away in 2p machines and then stuffed myself silly on ribs and seafood.

Brighton - Don't be jel

Beware this is an extremely picture heavy post! I have just got back from an amazing few days in Brighton and am currently in bed and do not intend to move. I am seriously too old to drink two days on the trot now.

I found out that TOWIE has a massive impression on the population of England. One mention of the word Essex and it was all reem, jel and vajazzle. I have never been prouder to be an Essex girl haha! I have seriously never laughed so hard in my life, I dont think we ever stopped. It was such a brilliant few days. I even managed to convince my friend who thinks vintage is "disgusting smelly old people clothes" to spend the day rummaging in the huge amount of vintage shops. It was just a shame I only had a £20 limit but I still managed to nab some goodies which i'll do in a post tomorrow :) Snoopers Paradise is my idea of heaven, I have now realised that I will have a junk house haha! My friend even bit the bullet and brought a vintage bag and scarf. My next mission is to drag her to car boots!I met up with one of my old sixth friends who moved down to Brighton to go to Uni and never came back home. He took us for a bit of a pub crawl around the North Laines and then we ended up going back to his friends house in Kemptown. I made a very good impression when I kicked a glass of wine over as I stood up. Obviously you can take the girl out of Essex but not the Essex out of the girl! We ended up having a mad night with lots of dancing and singing in a club on the seafront. Isn't my best friend a beauty? :)
Thanks to everyone on twitter who suggested places to go, they were all so good. The Angel Food Bakery was so amazing we went back twice so we could take some home. I have just polished off the lemon cupcake this very minute.

We went to this amazing bar called Font which was a old converted church. I did feel a bit weird at first getting my rave on in a church haha! The DJ was in the pulpit and it still had the pews dotted around.

My friend Scott with all the inside knowledge and who kept insisting on buying shots!
I have decided that nothing beats getting all glammed up and dancing like an idiot to Teenage Dirtbag with your best friend.

We've got a city to love

Tribal print maxi dress: River Island
Black 3/4 sleeved cardigan: Primark
Black suedette studded sandals: Primark
Black Satchal: Charity shop
Red plastic watch: Toywatch
Black beaded cameo bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Orange nail polish: Rock Candy Nails Inc

Sorry for the squinty eyes, it was so sunny yesterday and when I tried to take the photos at the other end of the garden they looked over exposed!

This is what I wore yesterday to attend two BBQs! Yes two, I have now overdosed on meat and do not want to eat another burger in the foreseeable future! The maxi dress and sandals are from last summer. The dress was a complete bargain, I brought it in the River Island sale reduced from £50 to £10! It is a bit tent like but its so comfortable. Perfect for days when im stuffing my face! I am so excited to be pulling out my summer clothes, it feels like I have a whole new wardrobe!

If you follow me on twitter you will be aware that I have managed to get an internship! I am so excited, so much so that I think I phoned everyone in my phone book on Friday to tell them the good news. I will be working for a parenting website based in North London. I will finally be a city girl, I have only ever wanted to work in the city so even though it will only be for 3 months I am going to be achieving one of my dreams! It is based right next to a shopping centre which can only mean bad news to be honest. Hello no more wages! I will still keep my job in retail at the weekends so I won't be completely skint. I also get a little bit of money from the internship so really I will not be any worse off. Still earning the same amount of money. I will be starting either this week or next, eeeeek cannot wait!

I recieved my naked skincare goodies yesterday and they all smell so nice! I love the packaging, it was obvious a lot of time and effort went into it! I used the shampoo and conditioner this morning and am going to try out the hair mask later on in the week. I am going to do a review of the hair mask but if you want reviews of any of the other products just let me know!

What did everyone else get up to over the weekend? Anyone used Naked skincare before?

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