A right royal knees up

Yesterday I have never felt more proud to be British. I unshamelessly soaked up every part of Tv coverage there was, getting up at 8 in order to not miss a thing. It did not disappoint in the slightest. The outfits were amazing, I now have a sudden urge to go out and buy the biggest hat I can find. I adored Victoria Beckham's outfit and Tara Palmer Tompkinson's. Zara Phillips looked gorgeous. The Middleton's mother scrubbed up extremely well as mother of the bride. Pippa looked stunning in her bridesmaid dress. But Princess Catherine outshone everyone.


I done a little squeal inside when I realised she had chosen McQueen. Everything about her wedding outfit screamed regal. She really did look fit for a princess. On a more negative note I had imagined my dress to be similiar to this if I ever get married. Going to have to change tactics because I do not want to be labeled a copycat and too be honest I don't think anyone could ever look as breathtaking as Kate. I would not even want to try!


Did anyone think that Prince Harry looked like he wanted to throw up any second. The poor boy looked so nervous, even more so than William. I would loved to have heard Prince Harry's speech. I held my breath when the ring was too stubborn to go on Kates finger. Wills proper pushed it on didn't he, surprised she didnt let out a yelp! Loved it when Harry looked Kate up and down as she walked down to meet William, he blates gave him a little nudge telling him that the boy done good! I swooned when William told Kate that she looked beautiful. Although the kiss was about a second long, it was adorable. I loved Kates little laugh and William tiny little blush. Kate's reaction when she stepped out on that balcony was amazing, wow indeed. They just looked so happy and in love. I think they could go the distance.


Now how do I manage to get my hands on Prince Harry?


Once I hand in my dissertation on Tuesday I am coming straight home and watching it all again on sky +

Did you all enjoy the Royal wedding?

Photos are from sources on Google including the Daily Mirror.


Happy Birthday Dad!

Grey pleated maxi skirt: Primark
Blue and white knotted crop top: Primark
Collection of gold colour bangles: Varied from when my friend travelled round Asia and Accessorize
Gold coloured purse necklace: Primark
Red plastic watch: Toywatch
Nail varnish: Barry M Raspberry
Pink lipstick: Barry M

Two posts in two days, i'm getting better at this blogging lark haha!

Its my dads birthday today and we are off out for dinner later to the Toby. I think it may be my favourite place in the whole world! Here's an oldie of me and my dad :) Things parents do for the kids eh?
I had a little bit of spare money so I wandered into Primark to see what I could find with my money. I swear I never come away from that place empty handed. It's lethal in there. Anyway I have had my eye on this skirt for a little while, they do it in rust too but they didn't have my size so I settle for grey. I also brought a crop top. Yep a crop top. The white stripe is actually white lace. This is one trend I never thought in a million years I would ever get on board with. I don't think I will ever wear it with any flesh showing but I really like it worn with a high waisted skirt. Plus it was only a fiver! I really like this outfit, I think its going to be well worn over the summer. Its so comfy, I feel like I should be walking along a beach in Thailand bare foooted. I have the bare feet but alas no beach.

Not long till another bank holiday! What has everyone got planned for the Royal Wedding?

I'm acting like i'm in an Eastenders episode

Orange floral dress: River Island
Demin pumps: Primark
Cream crocheted cardigan: Topshop

This is what I wore last night.

My nan very kindly sent me £10 for Easter and I already had a £20 credit note from River Island so I treated myself to this dress. I love its such a great length and so comfy. The material is great, does not crease which is always a plus. I feel so summery in it! They have it in yellow too so that might have to be mine come next payday. I have only been paid 6 days and i'm already wishing my next one will come around. My money situation is tragic!

My friend won Wombats tickets in a competition but already had another gig booked so couldn't go. He very kindly gave them to me and my boyfriend. The gig was amazing, so imtimate. It was at the Borderline, just off Tottenham Court Road and must have only had 150 people max. So different to when I saw them last month in Hammersmith. We had seats right up in the gods. Turned out to be quite a random night to be honest which are always the best. We got to London about 7pm and as it was a competition there was no warm up act and the Wombats were on stage at 8pm. Hence we paniced as we were going to find somewhere nice for dinner and ended up in Subway! The gig finished at half 9 and we were going to find a nice pub to go for a few drinks and as we were walking back to the station someone was flyering for Punk. Free entry before 11 and drinks were 2-1. It would have been rude not to have a little nosy haha! There was only about 15 people in there but the music was really good. I think we are going to organise a night there on a Friday as I think it has the potential to be a really good night!

Considering I was suppose to have a quiet weekend, I ended out going out 3 out the 4 nights and have made a massive dent in the wages. Going to have to stay in next weekend haha!

Hope everyone made the most out of your bank holiday weekend!

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