I get drunk and sentimental

Wow this is 100th post, cannot believe that I have rambled on so much haha! Even more shocked that people like to read it. I would like to thank you all so much for reading my little blog. Also a massive hello to my new followers :)

As I have already blogged about this outfit here, I just changed the lipstick and earrings for last night, I decided to do a post about my night out and show you all my drunken antics! I am a little disappointed that my beehive dropped halfway through the night, must use more hairspray next time! It seemed that everybody was out last night, seriously so many people I knew! Although my friend and I have come to conclusion that we would must rather hire a travel lodge and go out of our town for a night out. Will cost us the same, the town gets a bit repetative at times.

I planned the night out my best friend but then one of my close friends came home from Plymouth to celebrate after getting a job as a teacher for a local school. I am so proud of her, she has worked bloody hard for it. Well done Jay! She is the first one to actually use her degree in what it was designed for haha! I then got invited out for someones birthday at work and it was my boyfriends friends birthday! Talk about everything happening at once!
One of my best friends and I. Honestly I love this girl so much, so many of my favourite memories have been spent with her. She knows me inside out and is not afraid to tell me when i'm being a complete idiot, which is fairly often to be honest haha! I have to thank her for being a bad influence and introducing me to alcohol at the age of 14, its been a downward spiral ever since haha! I cannot wait until our Brighton trip in May.
My beautiful old sixth form friends!
Ugh shots that taste like fizzy drinks ha! This may be why I got so drunk because they did not taste like alcohol and I took advantage of that fact! Raving it up of course!Now for some silly ones. Dont judge me, I am not like this every weekend haha!I obviously think I have a sexy trout pout while under the influence. Quite clearly I do not. Must stop this immediately Sophie. Drunkenly confessing my love to my homegirl. Standard on a night out. This makes me laugh, looking at the smirk on my boyfriends face and the disgust on Ems I should think he has done something he shouldn't have! I don't think she enjoyed it too much!
Finally a photo of me holding onto my boyfriend for dear life. Not quite sure if thats a smile or a grimace haha! I am not too sure about the size of my chin in this, i'm feeling a little Mr Incredible.

All in all a good night out with lots and lots of dancing involved. My feet are killing me. I am dreading work today ugh I so cannot handle hangovers anymore. I am DYING!

Hope you all had a lovely Saturday night, get up to anything exciting?

Polka dots fill my eyes

Mustard and black polka dot dress: Dorothy Perkins
Black 3/4 length sleeved cardigan: Primark
Black tights: Primark
Black patent kitten heels: Primark
Black friendship bracelet: Links of London
Black ball earrings: Primark
Red nail varnish: OPI Thanks so muchness

I brought the dress in the sale ages ago, only cost me £17 and I got student discount on top of that! I had been saving it for an interview hence why I wore it today. Its a lovely dress although it catches the wind quite easily and I am sure many communters did not enjoy seeing my knickers haha!

Im a bit unsure about my interview went. They were all lovely but I got the feeling they were a bit put off about my writing experience. I have done so much work experience on newspapers and feature desks at magazines. But I worked on the lifestyle desk on one magazine and loved it. Although I do enjoy writing I think I want to get into the fashion styling side of the industry. Writing this blog has made me realise just how much I love clothes and that I want a career in fashion. Hopefully they will give me a chance fingers crossed! They said they would email me sometime next week.

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Sarah. I was very naughty and scoffed the sweets before I had a chance to photograph them! I get a bit excited when haribo is in the picture haha! Isn't the necklace lovely? I am so pleased and can't wait to wear it! Thanks so much Sarah, the sweets were such a nice surprise!
Sticking with the theme of a giveaway mine closes tonight! I will try and announce the winner before the day is out! Good luck everyone!

Hope everybody's week is going well?

Camden Town

This is a bit of a picture heavy post and just to let you know I am no David Bailey! I think I need to brush up on my photography skills! Me and my boyfriend decided to have a little day out yesterday in Camden. The main purpose was to have a little mooch around the markets, never been considering I have been there countless times for a night out, and of course have a lazy day in a few pubs. I had such a lovely time and was so lucky we got such nice weather. We got up there stupidly early at about 9am so of course nothing was open so we found a little cafe for some breakfast. Still its always better to get to places early and make a day of it. The only market I was bothered about was The Stables due to it being full of vintage. My mum used to buy her clothes and shoes from there when she was my age. I fell in love, just a shame I was completely skint! It was full of such beautiful things, reminded me of a huge junk shop. I was too scared to take some pictures so you are just going to take my word for it! I saw a beautiful stall full of old vintage suitcases and another with bags and shoes. It was quite expensive but it was quality things. It looked like it had all been dry cleaned and repaired so I wouldn't mind paying a bit more to be honest. Im going to save up some dollar and visit with my mum in a few months. The boyfriend did not appreciate it, he thinks vintage is disgusting and smelly. More of a Fred Perry and Lyle and Scott type of guy! All around the Stables were these bronze horses, I really wanted to get on one for a picture by my boyfriend told me it was inappropriate. He has always been the more sensible one.
Never one to past up a tourist photo opportunity, I had my picture taken here!This car was opposite so naturally I had to take a picture of it. Not quite sure what it was there for.After we had exhasted the markets there was only one thing left to do! The pubs! We started off in the Oxford Arms, Quinns to watch the footie (boyfriend is a Man Utd fan), The Blues Kitchen (where this picture was taken), The Dublin Castle and finally 55 where it was happy hour on cocktails. This proved to be fatal.

I am aware that the pints make me look like a geezer bird! Cider is the only drink I can handle to not get drunk if that makes sense. Wine goes straight to my head after one glass whereas cider takes a little longer. As we started drinking at half 11, it was essential that I lasted the day!Nom nom nom! Massive doughnuts! 3 for a £1, bargain! I was so pleased with them, carried them around everywhere with me then left them on the train! Only got to eat one. Excused the excited face I was a little merry here and obviously the little things make me happy!
The lethal 2 for 1 cocktails. The red one is a strawberry Collins and the green one is a Kiwi Mojito. My massive doughnuts, the brown one was amazing! It had toffee icing with a chocolate filling.

My outfit:

Coral dress: River Island via ebay

Leopard print collar black coat: Topshop

Black thick tights: Primark

Black loafers: Primark

Black statchal: Charity shop

Red watch: Toywatch

Brooch on coat: Primark

Long floral cameo necklace: Primark

I would like to wish a very Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful mother! I love her very much!

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