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I was going to do a outfit post today but too be honest I feel rubbish. My coursework is getting on top of me like a ton of bricks and I feel so run down. I came home today and napped for two hours. Going to try and tackle some more work this evening. Ahhh well just have to battle through eh? I only have to last till May 12th then I am free of uni forever!

I came up with an idea of featuring the top five items in my wardrobe. Sound like a good idea? If not one is interested about what I own then just let me know and I won't do it again!

First up are my top five dresses. This was so hard to choose I have an obsense amount of dresses. They are my wardrobe, chest of drawers, airing cupboard and in the loft! Safe to say I own an awful lot!

1. Monsoon
This is my favourite dress. It is so beautiful in real life. I love the back with the little bows. The skirt is such a vibrant colour. At the time it was the most expensive thing I owned, I stayed in for a month so I could have it! I wore it to Ladies day at Ascot a few years ago and have not had a chance to wear it since. It's too special to just wear anywhere! I am going to Ascot again with a different set of people so I am going to bring it out then. I need some of my friends to get married!
2. Monsoon

I think Monsoon is fast becoming my favourite shop for dresses. Just a shame so many of them are out of my price range! I am yet to wear this as I brought it for my graduation in October. I know it is ages away but I just knew this was the dress! I feel so elegant in it and love the delicate beading round the neckline. I also brought a matching coat and feel a bit like Audrey Hepburn! It will be my dress for Ascot next year haha forward planning.

3. Topshop

This was yet another dress than I paid a lot of money for and didn't go out for a month. Fast becoming the story of my life eh? I can't resist pretty things! I blame my nan she practically pushed me to the till to buy it! Unfortunately somebody spilled red wine down it at my boyfriend's Christmas party and I nearly cried on the spot. My nan did manage to get it out but I still don't know whether to wear it again as I can see a slight mark but I think that's because I know it's there, no one else notices. Another thing is that it creases in second hence why it looks like a crumpled old rag!

4. Primark
I adore this dress, its nothing special but it is my to go outfit for everything. Whenever I don't feel very well or hungover I go to this! It instantly perks me up and is so comfortable to wear! The best £15 I have ever spent!

This is my most recent purchase and I wore it in my last outfit post. I love everything about it. I got so many compliments on it at the family party which is always nice! It is such a lovely length, I don't have to worry about constantly pulling it down and it does not look Primark at all!Primark has come up trumps yet again!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you havn't already!


I have reached over a 100 followers! Wow I am amazed, I really did not think this many people would be interested in what I wear! But thank you to each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart, it means a lot! I have learnt so much since I started blogging and I love it! So I have decided to reward you with a little giveaway! Its not much so please dont get too excited haha, it was all I could afford on student wages! I have brought a few of my favourite things.

Here it is:

Barry M nail varnish in Raspberry

Soap and glory mini hand cream

Pack of mini cream eggs for Easter

Nautical style primark purse

Primark dove necklace

The rules are:

You must be a follower of my blog

For one entry leave a comment below telling me you would like to be entered and the best email address to contact you.

For a second entry tweet about it on Twitter mentioning @sophiesophuk. Let me know in a comment that you have done it.

Winner will be chosen via random.org to make it fair.

The giveaway finishes on the 5th April.

Good luck everyone!

I have also started up a tab for a blog shop so would be very grateful if you all have a mooch. It has quite a few brand new items of clothing. I have only put a few things in there at the minute but will be adding more when I have the time! If it is not a sucess its going to go on my eBay. Thanks!

We're not enemies; we just disagree

Cream lace dress: Primark

Leopard print faux fur coat: Next

Black tights: Primark

Vintage black Kelly bag: Car boot

Black faux suede wedges: New Look

Statement pearl ring: Topshop

Glitter red nail varnish: Barry M

Excuse my super dry hands, no hand cream seems to work! They always look red raw! I wanted to get a close up of my ring!

I am off to a family party in Norfolk tonight, always like a good knees up! They are all nutters! My poor dad though has to do a 5 hour round trip tonight as we cant stay over. Would not want to be in his shoes!

I love love love this coat! I cannot believe this is the first time I have worn. I got it for my birthday back in January. It was only £25 in the next sale! Working there does have its perks! I managed to score the Kelly bag at a car boot last Sunday, Oh how I love the season has started again! I am gutted I missed out on two jumbles today because I have to work :( The dress is one of my new favourites too, brought it a few weeks ago. I dont think it looks Primark at all! I am so happy I can use heated rollers again! I had all my hair cut off last summer. It went from waist length to just above my shoulders. Whenever I tried to curl it, it just looked awful. Thankfully it has grown!

I feel like I am the walking dead. So so tired. The sale always kills me! I did a 1-9 on Friday, a 7-1.30 today and I did a 1-7 tomorrow. I also have work tomorrow. Ugh I am thinking of all the money though! I really do need to start saving for a holiday!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you may do!

I have recently got a formspring, so if anyone has any questions hit me up!

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