Bigger boys and stolen sweethearts

Im having a major Arctic Monkeys revival. Since their new stuff has come out, ive been put off. Its just not hitting the target in my opinion. I was disapointed. The second one was ok but nothing will ever top the first album.

Fake tales of San Francisco cam on the Itunes shuffle and ive fallen back in love. One biggest regret is that I never took up the chance of seeing them before they hit the big time, tickets were only a fiver. Bands are always better in intimate venues rather than big arenas.


Absolutely Gutted

I am so upset, I got my results back from Uni today for my second term. 1% off a first in Politics. 1%! I feel sick. I got a first in my exam and 2:1 in my essays. The mother says I should be proud blah blah. But I just think if i worked that little harder I would have got a first, although I made myself ill doing all the work I did anyway. I dont like getting second best I never have. Cant help but be a bit disapointed.

On the plus side I did get a first for my shorthand module. Dont ask me how, I bloody hate the subject. It is the bane of my life! I got a 2:1 for my photography module which really is a miricle considering that my photography teacher was useless and didnt really have a clue about what she was teaching us. People shouldnt take second jobs if they dont have the time to commit to them.

Overall sitting on a 2:1. Now the work begins to try and push it up to a first with my dissertation next year. I dont even know if thats possible but I hope it is. It would make my life if i graduated with a first from University.

Driving in my car

I bloody passed my driving test, I finally did it! Its feels absolutely amazing, I had a feeling that it might take forever but Im pretty pleased with 3 times. Fairly respectable! Ahhhh I feel so good! When the examiner told me I let out a little scream of delight! So looking forward to going car shopping with good old dad at the weekend! I want a car now!
I desperately want a Figaro. It would suit me down to the ground, completely what I imagine myself in. I want a blue one and I shall name it Albert!

Now lets hope the good luck will continue for tomorrow for the dreaded PA exam, the driving test was 3rd time lucky and I hope the exam will be too!

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