I have come to the conclusion that I am an appalling speller and my blog makes me look like a thicko. I apologise. I will more attempts in the future to try and look intelligent while voicing my opinions.

I am in serious need of a night out, somewhere away from this town so i dont bump into people from my past. It is always awkward when i see classmates that I have not spoken to since I left and nor do I wish too to be honest. Im quite happy with the ones i have kept in touch with.

I am also in need of a serious wardrobe overhaul, I need to get with the fashions. I fear I am slacking in the trends. And I am slacking in buying Topshop. I want people to look at me on a night and say Hey that girl has gorgeous clothes on. Not oh that girl is dressed head to toe in Primark. Which is what I believe people do say. As much as I love cheap clothes, I think i need to start investing and spend more money. Hopefully then things will not shrink.

Mulberry Mulberry Mulberry

I adore Mulberry, Ive already said my first designer bag will be a tan Mulberry Bayswater. To me its the epitomy of city chic. I need one when im a high flying journalist working in the city, I wont fit in otherwise. And of course I must have the matching purse. I need to have Ferne Cottons collection, any girl that have over 20 Mulberry bags is a hero in my eyes.

Mulberry bags get me all excited especially when they realise a new one. The most recent one is the Alexa stachel, named after Alexa Chung who is yet another fashionista who i would mind stealinf some of her clothes. Although i always thing for someone with such style why does she look like a ragamuffin most of the time. Still her Chanel collection is to die for.

Anyway onto the Alexa, isnt it divine? It looks vintage but yet isnt. It looks like you should take it boarding school but you wouldnt. It is so big even Mary Poppins would struggle to fill it up. I love it. However at this moment in time i dont quite have £795 in my bank account. Somehow £12 (an imporvment from £1.91 on Friday) wont buy me it.

Once im a city worker I will own a Mulberry.

Im in love

I was born to wear designer shoes but i was not born into money. Life can be so unfair.
But I can dream.

These are beautiful, Miu Miu have got a knack of producing gorgeous shoes.

I love the cut out detailing, It helps to harden up an outfit. Almost creating a rockier look. But then the peeptoe give the shoes a feminine quality. Bright hot pink toes would look fab peeping out. I also love the ankle strap, although this has a tendency to make my legs look like sausages it looks too pretty im not even bothered. Whos going to looking at my legs when these beauties are on my feet?

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