I have come to the conclusion that I am an appalling speller and my blog makes me look like a thicko. I apologise. I will more attempts in the future to try and look intelligent while voicing my opinions.

I am in serious need of a night out, somewhere away from this town so i dont bump into people from my past. It is always awkward when i see classmates that I have not spoken to since I left and nor do I wish too to be honest. Im quite happy with the ones i have kept in touch with.

I am also in need of a serious wardrobe overhaul, I need to get with the fashions. I fear I am slacking in the trends. And I am slacking in buying Topshop. I want people to look at me on a night and say Hey that girl has gorgeous clothes on. Not oh that girl is dressed head to toe in Primark. Which is what I believe people do say. As much as I love cheap clothes, I think i need to start investing and spend more money. Hopefully then things will not shrink.

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