It seems i waited my whole life for payday and now its been and gone my bank account still looks unhealthly. But my bedroom is full of new pretty clothes so its not all bad. Its only another three weeks and 6 days till my next wage packet. Counting down the days already.

The driving test is booked finally, i need to pass it this time. I am not at all happy with the amount of money it is costing me. It will be so nice so to be able to leave places when i want to or not to keep having to beg for a lift of everyone anytime i need to get somewhere. The best bit will not have to walk to work in the rain anymore especially as recently all it ever seems to do is rain or snow.

Next on my list of things that will complete my life are these beauties. I think im in love.

Only £80, so like half my monthly wage. They will look gorgeous with a black body con skirt and black body. I love the fact they are snow leopard, leopard print has the tendency to look trashy if not put together in the right outfit.

I adore leopard print, it makes me happy.

If i put 20 quid a way for 4 months these will be mine. Easier said then done, ill found something else i need tomorrow. Oh how i wish i had a full time job with money to spare!

ASOS will be the death of me.


I am a second year journalism student with aspirations to own a Chanel 2.22. Black please.

Oh and perhaps become a primary school teacher or work on the frontline reporting like Kate Aide.

I am constantly poor thanks to my shopping addiction, my defence is I work hard for my money and enjoy owning nice things. I have enough time to worry about what i spend when I become a grown up and have to pay bills. Even then id rather go without heating so i can get that Mulberry bag.

Payday can never ever come around quick enough to be honest as after a week I have pretty dresses hanging in my bedroom but no money in the bank account. How I still manage to have a social life is beyond me. Although having amazing parents and a boyfriend does help.
As shopping and fashion is my favourite hobby, im decided to stop me from getting bored I would create a blog dedicated to clothes. Maybe a little bit about me too thrown in too if I fancy it.

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About me
A Essex based lifestyle blogger who lives a champagne life on a lemonade purse!

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