Im in love

I was born to wear designer shoes but i was not born into money. Life can be so unfair.
But I can dream.

These are beautiful, Miu Miu have got a knack of producing gorgeous shoes.

I love the cut out detailing, It helps to harden up an outfit. Almost creating a rockier look. But then the peeptoe give the shoes a feminine quality. Bright hot pink toes would look fab peeping out. I also love the ankle strap, although this has a tendency to make my legs look like sausages it looks too pretty im not even bothered. Whos going to looking at my legs when these beauties are on my feet?

Beg Steal or Borrow

So the time has come, I have been paid for 11 days and im running low on funds. Have just enough money to go out on Friday night even though I need some dollar for Saturday as well. Good one Sophie.
Although I say this every month, i havent even brought myself that many clothes. Believe me I could have spent a whole lot more. My list is still endless of things I need to have.
11 days is not too bad actually, usually its just a week so Im making progress!
On the plus side I am off to see Alice tonight finally. Im taking my new Mad Hatter purse so I can get in the mood, this also makes me wish I brought a Alice vest to wear to the occasion.
I am a geek at heart.

I want to be Alice.
I have never been this excited about a film for a lonnnng time.I really hope Tim Burton does not ruin the story, the reviews ive read have not been too polite. But I have faith, I have never not loved a Tim Burton film. Im love everything about Alice in Wonderland, the magaical dreamworld, the white rabbit and the quirky little accessories and clothes that come from it. After getting my beautiful mad hatter purse from my boyfriends sister as a surprise (she is too good to me) ive decided that all I want to buy is alice in wonderland inspired goodies. And i think I want to marry Tim Burton.

I want this white rabbit top. Hes my favourite, i really hope Micheal Sheen does him justice.

This ring is on my list too. Cameos are beautiful and this White Rabbit one is up there with the best.
I need these limited edition set of Opi Alice in wonderland inspired nail varnishes. Off with her Red is my favourite.

I am always a bit partial to a gold charm bracelet. I love the fact the are so old fashion like a family heirloom. So I fell in love with this as soon as i clapped eyes on it. A gold Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet. Oh its a beauty. At £105 its a bit pricey but looks completely worth it!

Now I just need my boyfriend to take me to the cinema.


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