Five different recipes to try with your sourdough discard

As I mentioned in my sourdough tips post, you will be left with lots of sourdough discard when you start regularly baking. I'm pretty obsessed with getting the perfect sourdough loaf so I seem to have rather a lot of discard on my hands. This isn't a bad thing but it means I am constantly trying to think of ways to use it up. Here are some of my favourite recipes and ones I am using time and time again.

The Boy Who Bakes sourdough chocolate chip cookies
I'm going to be bold and say these are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted. Honestly I really can't rave about them enough. The sea salt and dark chocolate really is a perfect combination. They had the ideal chewy texture and I wish I had made the full batch. I won't be making that same mistake again next time I attempt them!

The Boy Who Bakes banana and chocolate sourdough muffins
I am obsessed with Ed's baking blog. I'm on a roll trying out all his recipes and they are so successful. He really knows his stuff! Not only do I seem to have an endless supply of sourdough discard I also have endless bananas! I'm not really a fan of bananas unless they're in cake so I wait until the ones from our vegetable box are overripe. I have recently become a massive fan of chopping chocolate into chunks rather than relying on chocolate chips. They help to create gorgeous puddles of melted chocolate. These were absolutely delicious and had that tasty sourdough tang.

Izy Hossack's sourdough brownies
Brownies are my arch nemesis  They're the one bake which I really can't seem to perfect, no matter how many times I make them.  These are the best ones I have attempted. The outer ones were still a bit too cakey for my liking but the middle ones had the gooey-ness I have always dreamed off. These were extremely rich and a batch goes a very long way. I'd love to try them next time with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

The Spruce Eats sourdough pancakes
I'm not usually a fan of American-style pancakes. I much prefer the thin crepe version. Usually with lots of sugar and lemon please! But I really do like these! I add blueberries to mine as they're cooking, just sprinkling a few on top. I've made these a couple of times now and they always come out really fluffy!

Bon Appétit sourdough crackers
These are one of the most addictive things I've made. Who knew crackers could be so easy?! Not me! I've tried flaked sea salt, Za'atar, sumac and garlic granules so far as toppings. Garlic ones were a bit meh but the rest were winners! My favourite are the Za'atar ones. They're great to just keep in a container in the kitchen for when hunger strikes. But keep in mind they don't last very long... My boyfriend had the salted ones with some leftover chili and said they tasted just like nachos! 

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