My 2020 food challenge

Instead of a New Years resolution last year I opted for a New Years challenge. Since I discovered my cooking passion about three years ago I've been really keen to try and better myself in the kitchen. I set myself the challenge of trying 52 new recipes from my endless collection of cookbooks and bookmarked recipes on the internet. I smashed it and had so much fun doing it! I felt like it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to try new things.

This year I decided to concentrate on my baking. I was talking to my friend's dad at a wedding and he was speaking about the fact he hadn't bought a loaf of bread for about 30 years. Instead he batch cooks them and keeps them in the freezer for when he needs them. I don't have anywhere near enough freezer space to do this but it did get me thinking about baking bread. Dough is something I have always shielded away from as yeast tends to make me a bit nervous. I have had some disasters in the past and its put me off.

But I decided this is the year that I master bread and dough. I've made a pact not to buy any loaves of bread and only eat it if I have bought it myself. I have noticed just how much bread I eat as I have been craving it something rotten! I want to try my hand at everything. Brioche, sourdough, loaves, buns and rolls. I'm hoping it will become second nature to rustle up a loaf of bread. Let's be honest. Is there any greater smell in the world than the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven?

I have already made a couple of things including an olive oil loaf from Good Food and a garlic pull apart bread from Olive Magazine. They both came out delicious but could still do with a lot of work to get them perfect. Looks like I'm going to be busy!


  1. Loving the idea of your new challenge! We're trying for 100 new recipes this year (we did one a week for the last two years, plus vegan lunchboxes in 2019) so was up for a new challenge. We're desperate to perfect our sourdough too, but we think the main issue is that our flat is too warm for the starter...

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