Why you should take a tour of a tea plantation in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

When I started researching my trip to Malaysia, I stumbled across images of the Cameron Highlands and knew immediately I had to add it to my itinerary. The rolling hills filled with tea leaves as far as the eye could see reminded me of Hobbiton. It felt almost dreamlike and so unlike anything I'd ever seen before. Turns out seeing a tea plantation in real life is even more stunning that you could imagine. I never knew tea leaves could be so beautiful!

Located in the state of Pahang, Cameron Highland is unique in the fact it has a different climate from the rest of Malaysia. This temperature of this lush corner of the country is slightly cooler which makes it the perfect destination if you want to escape the stifling heat for a few days. It's very tourist-centric and can get very busy but it's so worth grinning and bearing it so you can get up close.

Created by the British during the Colonial times, the Cameron Highlands doesn't really feel like Malaysia. It's full of restaurants offering afternoon tea, strawberry picking farms, scented lavender farms and high rise mock-Tudor hotels. But that's exactly why you should visit! Because it doesn't feel like anywhere else in the country.

You'll come back with a new-found appreciation for how tea is created. It's easy to forget it's origins when you buy it in a tea bag from the supermarket. Malaysian tea isn't actually exported because they don't make enough of it so this is your chance to buy some tea that no one else will have at home. I bought some home for my family and they were all suitably impressed!

You'll only need an overnight trip to see this gem of a place so make sure you squeeze it in your trip!

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  1. Such amazing scenery! Mayalsia is high on my travel list after seeing your photos x


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