Review: Coin Laundry, Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell

Last week I met up with Kim after work to put the world to rights and try out Coin Laundry in Exmouth Market. Kim had kindly invited me along as her plus one and we settled down for a feast. Located on the corner of Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell, Coin Laundry prides itself on using seasonal ingredients and changing their menu frequently to ensure they always offer something different. The restaurant has a great laid back vibe with wooden tables, abstract art and exposed brickwork. They also had a cool basement bar with pinball machines - sadly we didn't get to try this out but there's always next time!

Kim was given a strong but delicious bourbon based cocktail with tangy ginger beer which handily came with a side of jelly beans to keep the hunger pangs at bay.  I was treated to refreshing  elderflower and prosecco based tipple. Just the right drink to help celebrate being halfway through the working week!

After lots of umming and ahhing we finally settled for creamy coronation chicken in a crispy vol-au-vent and deep fried battered marrow with creme fraiche to share. Impressed by the portions, the dishes were delicious. Garnished with grated pickled egg and shredded greens, the coronation chicken had a slight kick. The battered marrow was much more tasty that I thought it would be. The huge chunks of marrow had just the right amount of batter to stop it from being too greasy. All in all, a good start to the meal so we were excited to see what the main course would bring.

As a massive fan of curry I opted for the spicy vegetarian runner bean balti with an abundance of potato chunks, shredded greens, bay leaves, and topped with a slice of lemon. It was served with a fluffy naan and sticky white rice. I loved the takeaway novelty of the serving of the naan in a paper bag. It's the little touches like this that helps restaurants to stand out. The runner beans were soft and addictive with the sauce having a great kick. I like a curry sauce that makes my lips tingle!

Kim plumped for a huge nostalgic chicken kiev and rich cauliflower cheese. It came with a cool chewing gum to cope the garlic breath and a tiny little chefs hat on the kiev as a finishing touch. We were recommended the tomato salad and spring greens so ordered these to share. For such a simple dish, the heritage tomato salad was fresh, flavoursome and came with a zesty wicked dressing.

With such a great choice of restaurants located on the tiny strip of Exmouth Market, it can be hard for any eatery to stand out. But Coin Laundry is a solid choice. The cocktails were great, the food was hearty and the service was friendly if not a little slow at time. Thanks for letting me tag along Kim!

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  1. The deep-fried marrow sounds amazing - I love marrow but would never have thought to deep fry it! x

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