Review: Street Feast night market, Dalston, east London

Street Feast has been going for a while now but I've never quite made it down despite it being pretty high up on my 'must eat immediately' list. Dalston always seemed a little too out of the way for this lazy cat but boy am I regretting not jumping on the orange line sooner. Open April through to October, every weekend, Street Feast is based in the old slightly derelict Dalton Yard. Scattered with fire drums, rickety old chairs, make do tables and a holey roof, its the perfect place to gather up some friends and spent an evening stuffing your face and drinking like a fish. I want to go every week! Top tip - share portions so you get to try more. It's expensive but what's the point in going if you're not greedy right?

So what did we try?

Breddos Tacos
I knew these were one of my favourite street food stalls in London so managed to persuade/bully my boyfriend that these bad boys should be our first port of call. Turned out he loved them as much as me and declared them his favourite meal of the whole evening. We opted for a crispy fish taco topped with a creamy aioli sauce, radish and a crunchy chicken taco pilled up with a vegetable slaw, spicy sauce and coriander. I could have eaten these all night. Perfectly cooked, delicately flavoursome and addictively moreish.

White Men Can't Jerk
Caribbean food is one of my all-time favourite cuisines but it's so hard to do right. I had heard good things on the grapevine about WMCJ so was hoping they lived up to the hype. And they did. Just look at the delightful jerk chicken. What an utter beauty. The rice and peas alongside the crunchy slaw were the perfect accompaniment and helped to combat the fire in the chicken. One word of warning, do not put that yellow pepper in your mouth whole and eat it. Otherwise steam will start coming out of your ears and tears will start running down your face.

Mother Clucker
We wanted something simple for our last meal of the evening and how can you go wrong with some chicken tenders? You can't, you just can't. Strips of tea-brined, buttermilk dreaded fried chicken strips drizzled in a lime mayo and a hot sauce. These didn't feel like they had an ounce of grease on them and the chicken was deliciously tender. A great finale to the night.

Killa Dilla
New that week, this quesadilla track was just begging to be sampled. A smoked short rib with oozing mozzarella, a kick of blue cheese, spicy kimchi and pickled grilled red onion packed inside a toasted tortilla wrap. All served with a side of creamy avocado. The short beef was absolutely incredible and I'd have happily eaten the whole thing. But alas, I had to share. But I'd recommend you get one all to yourself.

Yum bun
A steamed bun was something else that my boyfriend had never had so I made sure we stopped here too so he could continue his food education. We decided to plump for one slow roasted pork belly with fresh cucumbers, spring onions and a glug of hoi sin sauce and another of roasted Portobello mushroom, toasted walnuts and a miso glaze. Both we absolutely lovely but the pork belly won for me. The mushroom came across a little bland in comparison.

Slider bar
A trio of bacon cheeseburgers were ordered and demolished within seconds. Slightly greasy but just how I like my burgers. A dirty burger if you will. The american cheese was generous and the crispy bacon was heavenly. The toasted sesame seed bun held together and soaked up the juices like a true champ. A winner all round.

The Gin Store store is a must visit for any gin fiends - over 40 different types to choose from I think. Gin heaven. The Rum shack is also a good shout for potent cocktails. You heard it here. The can hatch is great if you're into craft beer.


  1. I've never been to Street Feast but it's close enough that I really should! x

  2. I love street feast but I normally go to the shoreditch one as it's closer to work

  3. I love those tacos, but the steam buns really caught my eye. I definitely need to head over to Dalston next time I fancy one of those.

    - Elodie x


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