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We've all been there. Chapped, worn out hands with stubby fingernails fingernails that have been battled by the elements all winter. By the time Spring arrives I'm feeling a little ashamed at the state they're in. The long dark evenings means they're often the least of my priorities and one of the last things I make sure I do when I'm rushing around the house in the evening. Covered by gloves, I neglect them because they're not often on show. But now I'm paying the price. They are in urgent need of TLC. So what tips do I suggest?

1. Invest in a decent hand cream
I can't stress this enough. As someone who suffers from very dry skin, I get through so much hand cream during the colder months. I honestly believe that it's worth investing - you really get what you pay for. After being persuaded by Hannah in Liberty I invested in the Khiels Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. What a good investment it was. It's pretty pricey at £18.50 but it does wonders.  You only need a little so I think it's going to last a long time.

2. Shiny shiny nails
I love the gel effect nails but I don't like the price of £30 of having them done at the beauty salon. So I picked up this Sally Hansen Gel Shine on a Boots binge one morning before work. It's lethal having a decent boots next to my office... It helps to give me the same super shiny effort at home and helps to keep my polish in place. It takes a good few days before it starts to chip which is a revelation when they usually chip within the hour.

3. Buffer away
This buffer tool can be picked up from Boots for a couple of quid. They're a great tool to help keep your nails in tip top shape. Especially if you're prone to biting them every now and again. Not that I would ever do such a disgusting habit...

4, Pretty pastels
I love a good pastel once the weather starts to warm out and my favourite brand is OPI. They always have such a great selection of colours. I managed to pick these two up for a couple of quid from a beauty sale at work.  I just think pastel shades look so spring like and can really brighten up your outfit. Crawfishin' for a compliment is the pretty peachy orange shade and Got myself into a Jam-balaya is the dusty barbie pink shade.

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  1. Ha, my nails are so 'winter' at the mo. Off for a decent manicure on Friday so I can start rocking somne spring shades on neat, kempt nails!


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