Review: Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at The Sanderson Hotel

I love cake. I love bread. So it's no wonder that I'm such a massive afternoon tea fan. Last weekend I popped along to the fancy Sanderson Hotel for a spot of Mad Hatters Afternoon tea. It was incredible! If you're an Alice In Wonderland fan - who isn't? - then you'll be in heaven. It was full of little quirky touches that made you oooo and ahhh all afternoon.

Opting for a strawberries and cream fruit tea, we eagerly awaited our afternoon tea to be brought out. The first thing we tackled were the sandwiches. The smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiched between a lime bread was by far my favourite. Other sandwiches included egg mayo in a curry bread,  cream cheese and cucumber in a parmesan bread and ham and mustard in a tomato bread. The different flavoured bread really helped to give the sarnies something a little special. They complimented the fillings perfectly.

The cakes are always the talking point at any afternoon tea. On the top layer we got to munch on yummy strawberries and cream marshmallow mushrooms and carrot shaped meringues. The second layer featured a melting mango cheesecake, light Victoria sponge cake and a matcha green tea mousse in a chocolate cup. Finally we were given a sweet scone alongside a mustard savoury scone with a pot of garlic butter and lashings of clotted cream with juicy strawberry jam. Make sure you double check the scones as I ended up with clotted cream on my mustard scone! If you've still got room, there a jelly cart with strawberry, apple and peach jelly to tuck into. We were stuffed but took one for the team!

It's not cheap starting at £38 per person for the basic package. But it's honestly well worth the money and I wouldn't think twice about going again. The sandwiches, scones, tea and jelly bar are refillable. As soon as the staff notice you're running low, they quickly offer to refill. We even asked if we were allowed to take a few things home and they soon obliged. The service really can't be faulted.


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