25 things i've learnt about being 25

1. Conversations at the pub on a Friday night now consist of pensions and house deposits.

2. People will find it strange when you say you're not too sure about having children. They tell you not to worry as your biological clock will start ticking soon... That old chestnut.

3. It's still perfectly acceptable to wear crop tops.

4. After being with your boyfriend for eight years, marriage will be the talking point at any family get together. They will also find it strange that you don't want a ring on your finger.

5. Those crease under your eyes are permanent fixtures when you smile.

6.  Life admin is very satisfying to do on a Friday night.

7. Those hangover now last for two days.

8. Netflix marathons are the way forward and you wake up as fresh as a daisy the day after. Result!

9. Thanks to nearly three years of full time work, you will find it impossible to sleep in after 9am on the weekend. Those midday uni lay ins are long gone.

10.  There's no better feeling in the world than being id'ed on a night out. You still look youthful!

11. You still find it hard to make your wage packet last longer than two weeks. At least you live like a Queen in those first two weeks of every month eh?

12. You can still bust those shapes on the dancefloor to TLC and remember all the lyrics to Yeah by Usher.

13. You find it mortifying when you find out someone is born in the 1990's even though you were only born in 1989.

14. You still choose to buy that dress over being able to afford a night out. Who needs wine when you have sequins?

15. Backstreets boys will always rule over every other band.

16. Those group of friends you befriended at the tender age of 17 in sixth form are keepers. They know your inner, most darkest secrets and they still wants to be friends. Amazing.

17. You still pinch yourself you're living your childhood dream of being able to write for a living. It won't ever get any less surreal.

18.  You can't really get away with eating junk food every day. Sometimes you have to eat healthily as much as it pains you.

19. You will still always choose a burger over vegetables.

20. After 25 years you still struggle to stay on your feet. Drunk or sober.

21. You're just too old to appreciate mosh pits at a gig.

22. Your parents will always be your biggest cheerleaders.

23. It's brilliant to finally have a solid group of girl mates after being one of the lads for many, many years.

24. Seeing the world is one of the most humbling experiences ever. Travel is truly amazing.

25. You still refuse point blank to be a grown up.


  1. Hahaha all yes for me Sophie!! Especially the two day hangovers, CANNOT do that anymore... xxx

  2. Burger appreciation! And yes to the Backstreet Boys (:

    PS. I'm a 1991 baby... oops. Miss you Sophie xx

  3. This is such a wonderful post! I do miss those midday lie-ins! Oh the good ol' days ;) xx


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