It's all a bit of fun 'til someone gets done

Blue jersey blazer: C/O Glamorous
Floral patterned skinny trousers: Primark
Black vest top: Primark
Patent platform pumps: Primark
Red plastic watch - Toywatch
Gold ball statement necklace - Topshop

I was very kindly sent this blazer from Glamorous along with my lovely top but have only just have the chance to blog about thanks to a broken camera. But that's not to mean I haven't been wearing it! I picked in with the mindset to wear it to work because let's face it blazers really are the perfect workwear - they can smarten almost anything up. I love the soft material of this blazer and vibrant colour immediately brightens an outfit up. We need all the help we can get to brighten up this gloomy weather! It's pretty lightweight too which is handy on the tube. It can be completely freezing in the outside world yet like a sauna underground.

In other news i'm off to sunny Bulgaria on Monday for two blissful weeks in the sunshine. I can't wait to top up my tan and do nothing but drink cocktails, read books and stuff my face. I've only been working full time for about a month but it's really taken it out of me. I survive on so little sleep recently after burning the candle at both ends so i'm looking forward to getting up at my leisure.

How have you all been? Hopefully i'll be blogging a lot more recently - i've really missed it! I've got lots of catching up to do!


  1. oh lovely outfit, those trousers are so fab! Have a lovely holiday!xxx

  2. Love the colour of the blazer -- such a bright blue. Looks great on you! :)

  3. Love this blazer, it looks great with the printed trousers. Have an amazing holiday! x

    love the blazer, with the trousers. you are rocking ittttttt.xx

  5. Great outfit. Loving both the trousers and the blazer.

    Have a lovely holiday and if you get the chance bring back a little sun for us!

    X x

  6. Not you going on holiday too! So jealous!
    Love this outfit, the trousers look fab on you and I agree that blazer is a great choice! x

  7. You look fabulous! Love the blazer, I wish I could carry those trousers off but I don't think the print would be very forgiving on my thunder thighs.

    Have a lovely holiday and enjoy yourself :) xx

  8. You look swish Soph! Hope you have a fantastic time, bet it will be lovely to totally relax and not worry about anything after starting full-time work, I should be adapted by now but it still exhausts me!xxx

    1. your holiday sounds like it will be amazing! hope you have fun and come back with an amazing tan x

  9. This blazer is gorge. and who doesn't love bulgaria?


  10. Love this outfit, those trousers are great I really want some printed ones. Loving the colour of the blazer too, perfect combo x


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