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Grey midi dress complete with black skinny belt: Primark
Pleather hooded jacket: Topshop
Cameo print scarf: Primark
Back tights: Primark
Leather heeled ankle boots: Topshop
Blue statement ring: Wavy Jewellery

I won this beautiful ring in a twitter competiton from Wavy Jewellery, you should check out the website as they have some gorgeous pieces!

I featured the Topshop version of this dress in my wishlist post and after seeing Gem in it at LDN Lunch, it made me want it even more. However after Sarah let me in on a secret that they did an identical version in Primark so I made it my mission to hunt it down! The Topshop one is softer material, slightly longer and more of a grey marl colour but for a tenner i'll make do with this Primark number. It also came with a belt. Double whammy! I do really want the Topshop version in the the navy now. Anyone else like buying something they love in all the different colours it comes in? This jacket is years old, it was one of those irresponsible purchases when I was at Sixth Form and i'd spend every last penny on clothes. I think I was left with about 30p in my account for about 3 weeks after this... I have gotten better now I leave at least a £1 in my bank account! It's rubbish being a grown up where all my money goes on commuting and I hardly ever have enough money to treat myself.

Busy day planned today. Off to meet my best friend for lunch in our local pub with a few glasses of wine thrown in. Then we are both off to out friends house tonight for a night of dvds, pizza and more wine. Needlessly to say I am off weightwatchers for today. Not looking forward to the weigh in on Monday.. But to be honest could a Saturday be any better?

What do you have planned for today lovelies?


  1. I do the same when I find something I really like I want to buy it in all the colours! I love the cameo scarf, I'll be looking out for that in Primark, it's so pretty!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. Gorgeous bargain dress, & I love the scarf too!

    Catherine, XO.

  3. ooooh will be buying this version too, what a bargain! I've worn my grey one a few times now and will be wearing it all s/s. Dorothy Perkins have a drak grey version for about £18 too xx

  4. I love this outfit - is such a good length! Have fun :-) x

  5. Look at you you little fitness! I love the dress, good old Primark wins again!!
    Hope you have a super day today, love that you're drinkinggggg (wait you always doo!) enjoy.xx

  6. You look brilliant Sophie, I love the scarf! xxx

  7. love midi dresses on you! Tempted to buy all varieties of things I love. I do have 2 identical cardis.

  8. Can't believe that scarf is from Primark- its looks very Alexander McQueen(y) nice outfit!xx

  9. ugh I hate money going out on rent/bills/etc. Usually I'm living on pennies a week after I'm paid! Pesky council tax.
    Love this dress and tbf when I saw it I thought, ah that's the same as gem's - so you can't really tell it's primark! Plus it looks lovely on you, midi is such a great length on you, gimme your figure please


  10. Oooh love the Primark number on you, and the scarf is lovely! Enjoy your night, sounds perfect to me.. xxx

  11. Love your dress and scarf!

  12. That scarf is fabulous! You look stunning! x

  13. I have this Primark dress too, been a short arse it is longer on me though....the Topshop one would be too long xxx

  14. I like this! But it would be be even longer on me! Really need to buy a little machine to hem things! I have scarf envy though, that will definitely be in my basket if I see it!

  15. Love this dress, I tried on a similar one in topshop which looked awful but this one is so flattering! xx

  16. I've seen that dress too! And I want it so badly! When I looked they only had it in a size too big for me, but I really like the grungy look to it. You look, as the expression goes, "kick-ass" ;) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  17. Love the dress, the scarf is really pretty too :) xx

  18. ooo the belt is really cute!


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