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I was very kindly sent some gorgeous underwear to review from Hummingbird Vintage. They are a vintage online shop that sells gorgeous clothes and have recently starting to sell affordable vintage wedding dresses under £100. Not content with this and wanting to add another string to their bow they are looking to start selling adjustable underwear through Hummingbird Boudoir.

Many women, including me, struggle to find underwear that fits well, unless you have the money to spend on underwear. I dont being a student Primark to be honest does not fit well at all, the knickers are fine but the bra can be hit and miss.

This is where Hummingbird Boudoir comes in place. Their underwear is self-adjustable. The knickers have ribbon either side allowing them to be as tight or as loose as you wish. If you had a big dinner one night and prefer not to have your knickers digging into your love handles, the ribbon is perfect to give you a little bit of extra room. The ribbon not only makes it easy to adjust but it also gives the underwear a girly pretty edge. We all know having gorgeous underwear under your clothes give you a spring in your step. Its like a little secret that only you know!
The bra has the normal hook and eye at the back but instead of bra straps it again has ribbon to allow it to self-adjustable. The knickers are like a bikini brief and has ribbon at the side to help adjust it to your needs.
When I first opened the package I was overcome by the amount of ribbon! I for one think that ribbon makes everything look a hundred times prettier! I felt like such a girl haha! I loved the vintage button detailing. Its always the little touches that gives an item that extra omph.
I tried it on it fitted like a dream, it was a bit fiddly to get the bra to fit right. Im a bit cack-handed so it took a few tries to get the shoulders just right. The knickers were extremely comfortable and the ribbon did not dig in at all. It helped that you could adjust it to get it just right.
I dont think its suitable for tight fitted tops as the ribbon obviously shows through the material but its perfectly fine for a loose fitted top.
The underwear itself feels very expensive. The lace feels of such high quality and the knickers are very comfortable. I think the adjustable aspect work, not one did I feel like my bra and knickers were about to fall apart. I had visions of it coming undone and me flashing my wares to the world. It feel very secure all day. I didnt even have to double knot it.
I know I will be getting a lot of use out of my set! It really is such a gorgeous set! Thanks so much Lucy :)

Follow Hummingbird Vintage on twitter to find out more about when the underwear is due to launch. While your at it check out their shop and drool over all the pretty clothes wishing, like me, that you had a unlimited pot of money. Lucy is also organising a swishing (clothes swapping), vintage tea party all in aid of Macmillan Cancer in London on May. As well as clothes swapping, there will be cakes, a vintage photobooth and vintage stalls for you all to spend your money on. I am sure you agree this is for a great cause and would be lovely if some of you could come along. For more information visit her blog.


  1. Wow what a gorgeous set! I'm an underwear junkie but definitely think you get what you pay for with many of my Primark ones have been ruined after the first wash.

    Definitely going to check out details of the swishing event :)


  2. Reply to your comment: The Pop Boutique in Covent Graden is just off of the Seven Dials (is that what they're called?)as if going towards Oxford Street way, if that makes sence...

  3. ooo very nice! Shame the only person seeing me in this would be myself waaah :( xxx

  4. Very pretty not sure I would feel comfortable with all that silky ribbon waiting to come undone though... maybe a set for the bedroom only?! xx


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