Well wasnt Reading just the most fantastic experience in the world.

The Libertines were fucking out of this world. So good that they just needed a swear word in the sentence! It was so so emotional listening to them, they were the first proper band that I got into. I remember listening in my bedroom memorising every lyric when I was 14 and just falling completely in love with them. They were the terrible threes band, we knew every word and everything about their lives. It was worth the £180 just to see them. My new Libertines t shirt is not my pride and joy!

We are Scientists did not disappoint either, they rocked just like always. I love the banter that happens on stage. I really need to buy their second and third albums im living in the dark ages. Mystery Jets were amazing too, dying to find out when their next tour is even if its just to hear "after dark" live again. "Last Train Home" by Lostprophets gave me shivers, what a tune!

Reading has inspired me to start getting back into music. I used to spend every spare dollar I had buying NME and sourcing the internet for new up and coming bands. I wanted to find a band that no one else knew about. I used to go to gigs as often as I went to the loo. I cannot remember the last time Ive discovered a band, all the music i listen too is "old". The Strokes, Libertines and Bloc Party, I have religiously been in love with since I was 14. I want to fall madly in love with a new band.

From now on im going to start going to a lot more gigs and discover my music mojo.

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