Hello Reading ticket

My summer has got 1000 times better, I can deal with all the shit ive been having because I, Sophie Louise Warner, has managed to get hold of a 2010 Reading Ticket. Hello Libertines!

I am beyond excited and to make it better I am properly camping this time, no hire tent, in the campsites will all the hardcore ravers. I dont want to sleep in fact I wont count it as a success unless I come stumbling home at silly hours and throw up at least once from the insane consumption of alcohol. It will be like Turkey 2009 except on home soil.

Ahhhh The Libertines, my first love. The first proper real music I got into alongside the strokes. Ive waited 6 years to see them grace the stage, that is worth the £180 alone. Im praying and begging that Skaghead Pete will turn up and allow me to be absoulutely crazy to "Dont Look back into the Sun." Otherwise I might just turn terroist and firebomb his house?

Blink 182, "All the small things" = Awesome
LostProphets, "Last train home" = Immense
Dizzee Rascal, "Bonkers" = Insane
The Futureheads, "Hounds of Love" = Best song ever
The Maccabees, " About your dress" = Love love!

Complete highlight of 2010!

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