The ultimate list of places to eat in New York City

I found out about this on Sophie Cliff's blog and knew I had to schedule in a trip. After lots of deliberation, I opted to try their dinner menu instead of their infamous brunch menu. Located right next to the Highline in the Meatpacking District, it's a great option for an early dinner if you're hanging out in the area. Even at 5pm it was pretty packed and had a great buzzing atmosphere. Service was friendly, jovial and quick. I'd seen pictures of their burgers on Instagram so knew this was what I was going to have even before I had arrived. Cheese makes everything better so I added blue cheese to my order.  What a revelation! The huge chunks of creamy blue cheese really did bring the burger up a notch. My mum even declared it was the best burger she had ever eaten.

A recomendation from Kelly, she said it may be one of the most expensive bagels in NYC but it was absolutely worth it. She was so right! I missed out on a traditional New York bagel last time I as in the city so I wanted all the cream cheese and smoked salmon. Ess-A-Bagel, located on 3rd Avenue between50th and 51st Street, certainly don't scrimp on the fillings - it was absolutely huge. We went for a late lunch and and couldn't manage anything for dinner so be prepared for this! We meant to make it back from a second buy just ran out of time. It's one of the first places I'll be visiting when I make it back to NYC.

Pizza is my perfect last supper so I was so happy to finally make it to one of the meccas. We popped in for an early dinner in Dumbo before heading over the Brooklyn Bridge. We had to queue for around 15 minutes but it was worth every minute in the cold. To be honest you probably only need a small but we were starving so opted for a large which gave us four slices each. You choose a white or marinara pizza then customise your toppings. Each topping is around $2-$4 each. My mum prefers vegetarian pizzas so we chose all the vegetables on offer and I snuck in some meatballs too. I loved the fact your could design it exactly how you wanted. It was delicious!

Kat'z Delicatessen
Around since 1888, Kat'z Deli is most famous for THAT scene in When Harry Met Sally and is absolute mayhem. It's quite overwhelming when you enter with the self service quite confusing at first. But we knew what we wanted to try so just headed straight for the sandwich counter. A pastrami sandwich to share and a plate of chips - proper thick chips at that. It really does feel like you've taken a step back in time and I'm dying to go back and try the Reuben.

The Meatball Shop
Boasting seven locations in the city, we dined at the one in Hell's Kitchen as it was the closest to our hotel. Only selling meatballs and accompaniments, the menu is pretty simple. You choose your type of ball and opt for a sauce and style of which they are served. Keeping things traditional, I went for the classic meatballs on a bed of pasta in a simple tomato sauce - comfort food at it's finest! You must get the mini chicken buffalo balls to share as a starter too.

A great option if you've crossed the Williamsburg Bridge, Rabbithole is a cute little hipster restaurant with exposed brick and a lavish chandeliers. They do lots of brunch favourite such as avocado on toast, eggs Benedict, stuffed French toast and soft omelettes. The Eggs Benedict comes highly recommend - if only they were more generous with the hollandaise sauce!

For a twist on American classics, head to Empire Diner in Greenwich for some grub. The Art Deco interiors are to die for and I felt like I should have been wearing a tussled flapper dress to fit in. We decided to try the breakfast menu and I can't rave about my breakfast sandwich enough - basically a burger but with the best bits of breakfast. Divine! Once again service was really friendly which makes all the difference when you're eating out.


A day in Williamsburg, New York City

Last time I went to New York we just ran out of time to visit Brooklyn so this time it was high on my list of things I wanted to tick off. We got up early and headed to the Williamsburg Bridge to make the trek across the water. After a 20 minute leisurely stroll, we made it into Williamsburg and made a beeline for some brunch to fill our empty bellies.

A quick five minute walk from the Brooklyn end of the bridge is Rabbit Hole. Offering a brunch menu until late afternoon, the cute little restaurant wouldn't look out of place in east London. With exposed brick walls and quirky chandeliers, it's a hipster's paradise. I imagine it will be a great little spot once the weathers starts to warm up thanks to the cute outside garden. I opted for their eggs Benedict served on an American biscuit instead of the traditional English muffin I'm used it. It was delicious although it could have had a little more hollandaise sauce. After we've stuffed our faces we made for Bedford Avenue - the main strip in the district.

The south Williamsburg road is full of independent coffee shops, enticing bars, quirky shops and endless restaurants, just waiting to be discovered. We really enjoyed taking our time and wandering in and out of the different shops. We stopped at a French-inspired bakery called Fabienes for a pastry and a hot drink to help hide us from the cold. The apple pie was delicious!

After refuelling, we took a stroll towards East River State Park. We didn't stay long as the wind was ferocious but definitely pack some snacks, take advantage of the picnic tables and set up shop here if you visit during the warmer weather. This waterfront park offers some incredible views of the Manhattan skyline and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

I fell completely head over heels for Williamsburg and I'm definitely going to base myself there for my next trip to the city. I adored the vibe and it has great transport links to Manhattan - although I think they might be closing the L train next year to help repair the line after it suffered damage during Hurricane Sandy. So bear this in mind! It's one place I know I'm definitely going to return too.


My tassel statement earrings collection

Like everyone else on social media, I've fallen hard for the statement earring trend. In particular the tassel statement earring trend! H&M and Primark seem to be killing it with their selection at the moment. Here are a few that have tickled my fancy.

Navy blue tassel
I showed my mum these and the first thing she said was 'ugh they're disgusting' which means they are bloody brilliant. Sorry mum! I spotted these in Primark and thought they were an absolute bargain at only £3. I love the fact that they're completely over the top and are so long. I think they're a great pair to jazz up a casual jeans and tee at the weekend.

Hot pink tassel
I loved these so much that I've bought them in three different colours. My red pair are currently broken and are waiting to be fixed. I first saw this style on Hannah Gale and knew that I had to hunt them down. I would buy them in every single colour if my bank account let me. In fact I have my eye on the mustard pair. I love the fact they have slightly more going on rather than just a huge tassel. My favourite way to wear them is with an all-black outfit alongside pink lipstick. That way I can pretend I'm at least 5% cool.

Black tassel
Again these are a Primary purchase. I think they were slightly cheaper at £2. Bargain eh? Admitted the last pair I bought from Primark fell apart so I'm hoping these last a little longer than a few months. I feel like these are the most subtle out of the four and a great introduction to the trend if you don't want to go all out at first.

Gold tassel
I only wear gold 'proper' jewellery so I feel like these are just a supped up version of that! They're so tacky and remind me of Pat Butcher who is a massive earring style icon in my books. Again I like to wear them an all dark outfit or a crisp white shirt with skinny jeans. Paired with a bold lip, they really help to make you look fierce. Did I really just write that?

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