Why we all need a #girlgang

After thinking about booking Vegas for my 30th birthday, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not dreading that number. I feel like I'm going to hit 30 in my prime and feel happy knowing with the way things are. As cheesy as that sounds. This past year I've felt like all the puzzle pieces have finally slotted together and I feel so much more content with my lot than I ever have been. A huge part of this is because of friends. Coming from all walks of life, these girls just get me. I can completely be myself without any fear of being judged. Probably because they're often thinking the exact same thing.

I've often be called a 'strong woman' as if it's something to be ashamed off. A negative thing. But these girls make me feel like it's ok to put my career before having kids if that's what I want, to relish my independence and to blow a months rent on a handbag if I've worked hard. It doesn't make me a bad person. They're here to throw encouragement, hold your hand when it all gets a little too much, teach you that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger and be your biggest cheerleader. I might only see some a few times a year and I might see some a few times a months. But no matter where they are, they're always there. One in particular feels like the sister I never had. They make me believe in myself, that I'm stronger than I think I am. In turn, its helped me to let things go and to not be such a worrywart. If things are meant to be, they will be and if they don't happen first time around, its doesn't reflect bad on me. I've learnt that life doesn't follow a script and its absolutely fine to just take it as it comes - to enjoy what I have achieved and not worry about what I haven't.

It's taken me a while to get here. I've spent years cutting out toxic people. Those people who you spend a day with and come home feeling like you've done ten rounds with Mike Tyson. Friends you really dreaded spending time with. But for some reason you just couldn't cut them out. I wasn't really too keen on having girl friends. As a result I never really had a proper group of girl friends until I was about 23. It was too stressful, too much drama. I much preferred to hang out with boys. But friendships aren't meant to be hard work.

Surround yourself by girls who make you believe you can take on the world. But most importantly surround yourself by girls who will pick you up when you fall and put back together the pieces.

OOTD: Beige trench coat

Beige midi trench coat: ASOS
Red and blue leopard print shirt: ASOS (similar)
Ripped knee denim jeans: F&F (similar)
Tan block heeled ankle boots: ASOS
Poppy red Lily handbag: Mulberry
Peach nail polish: Crawfishin' for a Compliment OPI
Weekender Fairfield watch: Timex*

Well don't I look a little like a walking advertisement for ASOS. Maybe I should take that as a hint that I place too many orders online... That new loyalty scheme is fast becoming my new best friend. I'll have those £5 vouchers in no time! I'm on a bit of an ankle boot mission of late. I can't stop picking up new pairs here, there and everywhere. The weather really isn't playing ball so I've been living in them. The tortoiseshell heel of this tan pair had me hook, line and sinker when I spotted them. They took a while to feel fully comfortable but now they've hardly been off my feet. I love the fact they're pretty neutral but have a surprise heel to keep them looking interesting.

I wore this on a Peruvian brunch date with Hannah and Lauren at the weekend. Lauren was down for a few days from Scotland so it gave us all an excuse to catch up, drink some cocktails and stuff ourselves silly. It was such a lovely afternoon and it was a shame when we had to say goodbye.


Review: Stable Pizza, Whitechapel, East London

Last week I was invited to the launch of Stable Pizza in Whitechapel. Back in 2009, Richard and Nikki Cooper swapped London for Dorset and their first restaurant in a renovated stable at the back of their hotel. Cider is produced in abundance in the West Country so the pair decided to combine it with pizza to create a chilled out atmosphere where crowds of friends could gather for a laid-back night out. The chain uses local produce when possible and each menu is different depending on which restaurant you visit.

Stocking over 80 different types of cider from dry to sweet, fizzy to still,  Stable has one of the biggest cider selection I can think of in London. There doesn't seem to be anywhere like it. Craft beer and Gin, yes. But cider no. The great thing is they change it regularly so there are always different ones to try.

Now to the crispy sourdough pizza. The toppings seem endless, giving you some really tough choice to make! My favourites included The Coppa-Cabana, creamy Direct Coppa topped with field mushrooms, fresh tomato sauce, milky mozzarella before being drizzled with a dijon dressing and a handful of rocket leaves.  I was converted by The Porky Pancetta. A delicious combination of tomato sauce, sweet white onion and Dorset pancetta before being topped with a free range fried egg. Why have I have never had egg on a pizza before? Finally The King Crabbler was absolutely delicious.  Hand picked West Country crabmeat lightly infused with red chili, garlic and lemon provided the star player. It was topped with tomato sauce, roasted red peppers, fresh basil leaves and mozzarella. Creme fraiche, lemon and parsley provided the finishing touch.

It was honestly one of the best launches I have been lucky enough to attend. The staff were so knowledgeable and blew my mind with their cider knowledge. The pizza was absolutely delicious with so many different, unusual toppings. The venue was great, so laid back with a fantastic atmosphere. I genuinely can't wait to go back and have a table booked at the branch in Bristol for when I go stay with a friend in June. If you're looking for a chilled, fun night out then Stable Pizza should be first on your list. Thanks for such a great evening guys!


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