OOTD: Snakeskin shoes

Cream camisole: Topshop
Black smart culottes: Topshop (similar)
Snakeskin courts: Carvela (similar)

As much as I like lairy, bright colours and imposing, patterned clothes, sometimes I just want to wear something a little more classic. Which usually means monochrome. You can't get more classic than monochrome eh? Thanks to my unstable income, I'm having to root around in my messy wardrobe to work with what I have. I stumbled across these culottes that hadn't been given much love recently and stalked Pinterest for some inspiration. Previously I'd paired them with a warm polo jumper and a sparkly green crop top but this has to be my favourite combination. A combination I reckon I'll be wearing time and time again.

This weekend will be spent within the bosom of my family. My uncle is getting married today so no doubt I will be feeling a little delicate tomorrow. My cousins always seem to bring out the worst hangovers. In the world. But it'll be worth the headache, sore feet and empty purse. You just can't beat a family get together eh?!


OOTD: Red Gingham Midi Skirt

Light wash denim jacket: Primark (similar)
White tee: Primark (similar)
Red gingham midi skirt: ASOS (similar)
Black pony haired sandals: New Look (similar)

Desperately trying to hold onto my bare legs and sandals, I wore this outfit last week on a beautifully warm day in the city. I felt very summery in this outfit prancing around London pretending to be important. Although I did treat myself to my new winter ankle boots that day so maybe I'm not too sad about the chillier climates coming as I thought. I always try to hold onto bare legs until at least the end of September. We spend most of our lives in England smothered in tights, boots and scarves so I like to milk it when I can. Tell me I'm not the only one trying to kid themselves that it's Autumn?!

Thanks to the beautiful Sarah for snapping these on her lunch break. Such a babe!


The Chambord Chapter Eight Croquet Games

London is full of fun, quirky things to do at the weekend - you just have to keep your eyes open. A few weeks ago I was invited along with some friends to take part in The Chambord Chapter Eight Croquet Games. Sadly it's finished but keep your eyes peeled for future events.

If you're anything like my family, the raspberry liquor Chambord is always in the drinks cabinet as soon as the festive season hits. The Chambord Royale is a regularly poured out as soon as guests arrive. But it's too special to just be saved for one season!

The brand is keen to stress that a Royale is not the only cocktail that can be made using the liquor. Luckily we got to sample a fair few - in between being sadly beaten by the boys at flamingo croquet! My favourite was by far the delicious Chapter Eight Cocktail. Consisting of Chambord shaken with gin and fresh grapefruit paired with a delicate hint of rose and raspberries. Definitely one I'll be trying to attempt making at home!

After quite a few cocktails, we lined our stomach with an incredible duck confit burger from Le Bun. They had amazingly infused Chambord into the dish, giving it a delicious sweet, sharp taste. I'm definately going to hunt down them down again!

Thank you for such a fun afternoon Chambord!


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