Review: The Real Greek, Soho

Last weekend I was kindly invited down to the new Soho branch of The Real Greek restaurant. Dragging my mum along for a girly day out in London, we arrived at the place not really sure what to expect of the menu. We'd only ever been to a cheesy local Taverna where more emphasis is placed on the entertainment than the average food.

After a quick explanation of how the menu worked, we got down to business and picked out favourite things. Boy did we have a feast to get through! To start we opted for Greek flatbread with a creamy, delicately spice hummus and a chunky, chilli greek cheese Htipiti. This was absolutely delicious, I loved the big chunks of feta paired with a mild chilli kick - I could happily have eaten this all afternoon. We also ordered a portion of spinach, leek and feta filo parcels as a side too. These had the perfect crunch and left no greasy after taste.

For our grilled meze course, we went all out! The tender lamb cutlets were a surprise favourite. They were my mum's suggestion and I wasn't too fussed but they soon won me round at the first bite - the supple meat just fell off the bone. We couldn't not order the grilled halloumi could we? The grilled aubergine in a garlic tomato sauce was fit for a King!

Our waitress told us we'd be missing out if we didn't add some seafood into the mix. So obviously we try a few of their delicacies! We were recommended to try the juicy king prawns - which was a superb suggestion! Covered in a tart tomato sauce and rich feta cheese, we were fighting over the last one! The chargrilled grilled octopus was another surprise favourite. It has such a rich, delicious, garlic flavour and was incredibly moreish. Even though we were stuffed, we couldn't stop picking.


For dessert I opted for the caramel and pecan cheesecake despite the fact I was fit to burst! The creamy cheesecake, topped with crunchy toasted pecan nuts and sticky caramel on a biscuit and pecan base. I'm still dreaming about it now! Although I did have major dessert envy when my mum ordered the Greek yogurt sundae!

Thanks so much for making our Saturday so enjoyable The Real Greek!

Why your 20s are an adventure

I'm fast accelerating towards my late twenties and I feel like I'm desperately holding onto my twenties. But I have to admit, your twenties are bloody hard.

You finish university after slogging your guts out for three years before being thrown in head first into a career. But first you spend a year interning, often working seven days a week so you can afford to have a social life. When you finally get that elusive entry-level job, you start at the very bottom and spend the next few years frantically trying to work your way up. You go from buying everything Topshop on payday to scrimping and saving to buy your first house. Like I said, your twenties are bloody hard.

But you know what? Your twenties are also full of adventure. You'll never be this young or as carefree again with relatively no ties. So what if you're not shooting up the career ladder as fast as your friends or that you're still living at home. Your twenties should be about living in the moment. Taking grasp of every opportunity that is thrown your way. Going on your dream holidays and seeing all the places you've only ever seen pictures of. Taking the risks you want in your career. If you want to finally get to Australia instead of buying a house, make sure you apply for that visa. Save the house deposit for another day. Don't worry about what other people are doing, just make sure you spend your twenties with minimum regrets.

Don't be made to feel like you haven't got your shizzle together just because you're not following protocol. Jump abroad the wagon and hold on tight! Save being sensible for when you hit 30.

OOTD: Grey Biker Jacket

Grey pleather biker jacket: Matalan (similar)
Black jersey midi dress: ASOS (similar)
Grey leather ankle boots: Office (similar)

I spotted this jacket in Matalan during a time -wasting exercise before I had to be somewhere. Bad idea. You will always spot something you need especially if it's a few days after payday. But how can I have regrets about such a beauty eh? The following day I read in a magazine that coloured biker jackets were the next big thing for summer. Such a trendy Wendy! I wanted a lighter jacket for the warmer months as black looks too harsh against pretty summer dresses. The best bit was it was only 25 quid. Bargain!

I'm doing the Race for Life on 30th May - best start trying to run for more than five minutes! I'm not a natural runner if I'm honest. I'd be so grateful if anyone could spare a pound or two for such a great cause. Thank you in advance!


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