How to style a midi skirt

Even if you've only read my blog for a few weeks, you'll know that I have an obsession with midi lengths and in particular midi skirts. I often get told that people love them but could never pull them off themselves. Rubbish! Midi skirts are so amazing because they suit everyone - you just need to find the right one. I've got a few pearls of wisdom to pass on.

1. Wear heels or pointed flats
Midi skirts have the nasty habit of looking a bit frumpy. Now I'd love to pull off the off duty look with converse and a midi - it's a fine line - but I can't most of the time. Fair play to those who do! But I feel that a little bit of a heel lifts the skirt from frump to chic. In the winter I love to wear mine with chunky heeled boots. If you can't stomach wearing heels all day then a pair of pointed flats will be perfect. They just make it look a little more polished.

2. Find a length that works for you
There are many types of skirts that are classed as midis on sale. For some companies they come just above the knee and for others they fall down to your calf. I remember feeling very exposed when I popped the above midi on - you could see my knees! The shorter ones are perfect for those who might be a bit on the small side - they won't swamp your frame. Whereas the longer lengths are great for tall ladies.

3. Wear a fitted top
I always wear a fitted top and always tuck it in. I've never been one of these cool cats who can wear a jumper over the top. It's just too much material and does me no favours. Show off your waist if it's your smallest part and you'll create that gorgeous 1950 silhouette.

4. Wear a waist length jacket
Again I find a waist length jacket like a leather biker or a denim jacket works best. It stops at your waist and shows off the skirt in it's full entirety. I find it can cut off your body if it's too much longer. In the winter I try to wear a full length coat - maybe with just the bottom of the skirt peeking out if I'm feeling cheeky. But I never wear a coat that stops halfway down the skirt as I find it not to be very flattering.

Do you have any style tips for midis?

Psssst I find ASOS is the best place to pick up some gorgeous midi skirts - here are a few of my favourites. It's not sponsored, they just take too much of my money.


Review: DF/ Mexico

Last weekend I trekked into Central London and met up with Sarah and the other girls to help celebrate her birthday early. You have to book in advance with that girl!

When Sarah suggested DF/ Mexico which is owned by the same people behind one my favourite restaurants Wahaca, I was looking forward to the outing for days. It's a fast food Mexican with beauties such as tacos, tortas - which I had in the bun above -, burritos and DIY Mexican boards where you can use your imagination. You go up to the counter to place your order and then it arrives at your table in record time. Seriously it felt like we waited seconds for our grub!

Like I said, I opted for a four hour slow cooked chilli beef torta with pickles, chipotle mayo and slaw packed in a brioche bun with a side of red rice. I arrived late thanks to the wonders of TFL so panic ordered in a rush. Overall it wasn't a bad choice. The rice was quite bland and had none of the kick I was expected - Hannah opted for a cup of corn which tasted absolutely amazing. To be honest the rice just reminded me of Nandos. So wonderfully creamy and cheesy. The tender chili beef made up for it in such a moreish sauce. It was wonderfully juicy and the slaw gave it that all important crunch. The popping candy ice cream was a bit of a disappointment as it had none of the 'popping' but the sauce was very tasty!

Next time I'm going to plug for one of the DIY Mexican boards so I can make my own tacos. It looked like such good value for money and it's always more fun to create your own food right? I'm already looking forward to going back! It's a great place to visit if you're around Brick Lane and fancy a quick lunch.

Have you visited DF/ Mexico?

Square Meal

Orange is the new black

Floral textured orange midi dress: ASOS
Nude pointed bow flats: New Look (similar)
Light wash denim jacket: Primark (similar)
Lace gold statement necklace: Car Boot (similar)

This dress is fast becoming the most worn item in my wardrobe. It's can be worn for every occasion. Need to look a little bit smarter for work to a PR meeting? Check. Going out for Friday drinks after work? Check. Pub trip on Saturday night to your local? Check. Trip to Oktoberfest in London like today? Check. See I told you it was perfect for everything.

As I mentioned I'm off to Oktoberfest at Millwall Park today for a little German inspired jolly. I missed the boat last year so I made sure I organised it in time this year. I've heard lots of good things about it and got my fingers crossed for some table dancing and belly laughs.

Have you ever been to Oktoberfest in London? I'll be very jealous if you've been to Munich!


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