Review: Barbican Afternoon tea

Last Sunday I took the tube into Central London to the Barbican and met Lily along with the other blogging buddies for a spot of afternoon tea to help celebrate her birthday. It was a lovely sunny day so we sat outside to enjoy the view over the lakes.

For only £13.95 you were given unlimited tea and a selection of sandwiches and cakes. The scone was ah-mazing! The service was a little hit and miss but the cakes made up for it. The sandwiches were a variety of fillings such a cucumber, smoked salmon and cheese, ham and mustard and egg cress. The ham and mustard ones were my favourite - they had just the right amount of kick. The lemon cheesecake went down a treat - tangy and creamy always make a good combination. I wasn't too keen on the custard-like filling of the éclair - I much prefer whipped cream in the middle.

It's nice little treat if you're in the area at the weekend. We all need an indulgence on a Sunday!

Have you ever eaten at the Barbican?

Lets run away, get out of here. I got no money and I don't care.

Baby blue textured midi skirt: Topshop (similar)
White jersey crop top: Topshop (similar)
White chunky heeled courts: c/o Florence and Fred (similar)

It's been a while since I've embraced the crop top but I found this during a tidy up and was a little ashamed to see it still had the tags on it. Crop tops and full midi skirts are one of my favourite combinations to wear. It still looks classy but a little bit cheeky too. I'm never one to show a lot of flesh but this is a trend I can get on board with. I still feel a little covered up which is a plus for a 25-year-old granny. I can't be the only one who goes on a night out and wants to give the young girls my coat to cover their skimpy outfits? They look so cold!



La Redoute got in touch about their #languageoflife campaign which is encouraging people to break down emotional barriers and speak from the heart. They've released a cracking video showing a few people - dressed impeccable from the brand of course - opening up and telling their loved ones how they really feel. In a recent survey La Redoute found 22% of Brits last told someone that they loved them more than a year ago, or hadn't ever said those words at all. Make sure you click through as you'll have a lump in your throat! It's worth it to peak at Mr Redoute too!

They asked me to show the love and I thought who better than one of my best friends Jay. Basically this girl is me but a whole lot nicer. She's got a massive heart and nothing is too much trouble for her. She often puts everyone's needs above her own and takes a back seat so that the other person can benefit more. I often tell her she need to be tougher but to be honest she's pretty special the way she is. She warms my cold heart and keeps me in check.

She's the little devil on my shoulder telling me I definitely need to order a dessert despite eating till I feel sick, the encouragement I need during a spending spree when my bank account is looking tragic, the whisperer in my ear insisting that my wine glass should be full again, the tapper on my shoulder to inform me we should be owning the middle of the dance floor and the listener to all my irrational problems when I'm having a mini breakdown.

So this is me declaring my love for her and hoping that we're going to be the inappropriate 90 year old women flashing their knickers on the dance floor and embarrassing their grandkids.

This post was written in collaboration with La Redoute

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