Washington DC

As we  were in New York for a week we decided to plan a little day trip out of the city. Washington DC was only 3.20 hours away by train and how often are you ever going to see the White House? It's a not a place you'd ever really go on holiday so we decided to visit.

After catching the train bright and early - it seemed like a good idea to book ourselves on the 7.20am train when we booked it at home! We caught up on our beauty sleep and before we knew it we'd arrived in DC. British trains could learn a lot from our US friends. They were fab!

Deciding against an open top tour bus as everything looked close together - schoolboy error! - we set off on our merry way.

I've got to be honest and say I was disappointed with the White House. With Buckingham Palace you can get quite close but here it felt like you were miles away and it was underwhelming. But I was blown away by the Lincoln Memorial. It was huge and had such a presence. I kept expecting it to get up and move around like it does in Night at The Museum!

It was cool to see the Washington Memorial and the Reflecting Pool as Forest Gump is one of my favourite films. I couldn't get over how tall the memorial was! We kept thinking how near we were when we were trying to find it but it was teasing us because it was so tall!

After a few recommendations we decided to stop for lunch in the historic Georgetown. It was very pretty and reminded me of an English chocolate box village. It's a shame we didn't have longer there. Out of pure chance we managed to stumble upon Thunder Burger and Bar which was voted the best burger in the city. It was fate! I opted for the Buffalo Stomp bison burger with sweet potato fries. I'm going to be bold and say they were quite possibily the best sweet potato fries i've had!

We ended up walking a total of 10 miles! Alas given the amount of food  I consumed during the week it didn't stop my waist from disappearing before my eyes.

Have you ever been to Washington? What did you think?

The Highline

Neon floral tunic: Topshop
Navy skinny jeans: New Look
White block heeled court shoes: c/o F&F
Silver multi strand necklace: Car Boot find (similar)

I'm back from New York broke, fat and sore. So, so sore! I wish I could do it all over again next week. We did so much but yet so little. I guess that just means we have to plan another trip to fit in all the things we didn't have time to do! The city was everything I thought it'd be and more. We were so blessed with the warm weather, it was actually too hot at times and I did not have the right clothes at all! We even managed to experience some snow at 11.30pm in Times Square despite having gotten sunburnt the day before. Madness! It was not fun trying to hail a taxi when you've got a thin coat on and think you're able to die of frostbite. But i'm still alive!

Be prepared to be bombarded with lots of NYC posts!

These pictures were taken on the Highline in Greenwich Village - my favourite part of Manhattan I got to visit. It reminded me of Soho - such a great place to people watch, It's a brilliant old railway converted into a green space and it offers immense views over the city. You can see for miles! It's right next door to Chelsea Market too which is well worth a visit. You'll find lots of handmade quirky bits and bobs alongside some vintage gems. Make sure you check out the delicious food section too!


Keep rollin', rollin', rollin'


A while ago I was kindly given some Sleep In Rollers to try out. I'm always after some extra volume in my hair, given it's thickness I struggle to help curls stay in and it often drops out within hours. Sometimes thick hair is a curse and not a blessing! These rollers are designed to flatten when you go to sleep helping you get a better nights sleep. Having slept in heated rollers before, it's not very comfortable so I was excited to try these out! You could feel the rollers in your hair as you laid down to the land of nod but you soon forget about them and drift off to sleep. I find they are most comfortable when you sleep on your back. I did find my neck ached slightly when I woke up the next day but beauty isn't without pain as we're told! It didn't put me off using them again.

You get given a good selection of rollers and some kirby grips to keep them in place. They're easy to pop in and feel very secure. I didn't worry about them falling out as I tossed and turned in my sleep. I think spraying the hair before you go to sleep might have helped them set better. Something I'm going to attempt next time!

I was a bit sad my hair didn't come out quite as I expected. But it definately has some volume at the ends, just not the sassy curls I was hoping for. I kept them in my hair for around 10-11 hours throughout sleep and a little while after I woke up. They recommend you keep them in as long as you possibily can.

I think the reason why I don't have bouncing curls is because my hair isn't layered and is too heavy. I find it much easier to curl and blowdry when I have layers cut in. This time I decided I wanted my hair all one length and my curls have suffered! I'm going to try them next time in slightly damp hair to see if I get a different result.

Have you ever tried Sleep in Rollers?

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