When my oldest friend decided to go back to Leeds - it's been lovely having you in London for the summer Grace! - I decided to suggest a last supper at Bonedaddies after overdosing on burgers. Bonedaddies had been on my list for ages and i'd been meaning to pay it a visit ever since Michelle reviewed it for Aesthetic. We managed to get to the restaurant around half 6 so only queued for about 10 minutes before we could managed to grab a table. By the time we left around half 7 the queue was snaking around the block so do try and get there as early as possible to beat the rush!

Billed as a 'Rock N Roll' Ramen bar, Bonedaddies is slap bang in the middle of Soho just off Wardour Street. Beware it's a communal eating place so you won't get a table to yourself - it's all about sharing guys! I personally think this all adds to the atmosphere. Upon Michelle's suggestion I bullied Grace into sharing some fried chicken. Good choice! It was deliciously light without an hint of sticky grease. It had the right amount of crunch and was incredibly moorish. To be fair I could easily have eaten the whole pot to myself.

For my main I opted for the Tonkotsu Ramen featuring a boiled egg - which was one of my favourite parts - , spring onions, noodles and pork. I would like to have had more pork to munch on but that's my only gripe. I'm no expert having only eaten a Wagamama ramen but it ticked all my boxes with the broth having a lovely flavour. The flat noodles were cooked to perfection and provided lots of oooohing and ahhhing. A word of warning those cloves of garlic may look fun to crush but they make you stink to high heaven. I feel sorry for the people seated next to me on the tube home as I was seriously humming. My friend decided to plump for the Kimchu Ramen which would be perfect for a seafood lover like myself!

Have you ever sampled the delights of Bonedaddies?

You could get lost in this concrete jungle

Black sheer vest - Topshop (similar)
Green plaid cigarette trousers - Primark (similar)
Flat pointed patent pumps - Zara (similar)

After avoiding Primark like the plague for the past few months, I ventured in there last week to pick up some new pjs and somehow walked out with these. I'd spied a similar pair in Zara a while ago but fortunately my bank account wasn't playing ball and I couldn't afford to splash out. These were a much purse-friendly price at only £12. I'm more than willing to jump on board with tartan this autumn so keep your eye out for many more checks entering my wardrobe.

I wore this to venture to Bounce for a birthday gathering for the lovely Lily and got to have a natter with Aisling too. If you've never heard of Bounce, it's the place where table tennis was said to be invented and is a huge basement offering delicious pizzas and hours of fun on the ping pong tables. Well worth venturing down to one day!


I’m living in a lost generation

Sheer black vest - Topshop (similar)
Green floral double spilt midi skirt - Topshop
Ankle strap stilettos - Primark (similar)
Pink lipstick - Topshop All About Me 

It's this skirt again. Sorry about that but this is a personal style blog and this is exactly what I'm wearing out for dinner tonight. Once I find something I like it tends to be repeated over and over again.  Anyone else guilty of this?! These shoes were an impulse buy from Primark quite a few months ago - I blame my mother for her encouragement. What a good impulse buy they turned out to be! They get full marks for being comfortable even with the thin heel and they feel secure on my feet. A little bondage-style ankle strap gets a thumbs up from me. My uncle put a French plait in my hair when I had my fringe cut this afternoon - i'm absolutely loving the lion mane look!

Like I said I'm off out for dinner tonight to a local Mexican restaurant for a friends birthday. It'll be nice to have a relatively quite Saturday night with a good meal rounded off by a trip to the pub. After Warsaw I'm looking to steer well clear of the dreaded booze - too much vodka was consumed on that trip! It'll be diet cokes all round for me tonight.


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