Happy Aussie-versary

I was very lucky to attend the Aussie-versary VIP party last night where I had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely people such as Lisa, Dani, Steph, Charlotte, Sinead, Abby and Steph. If I missed anyone out I am sorry, I met so many people that night! They were all so friendly and really made me feel welcome. Especially as my dad was convinced that I was meeting up with serial killer, don't ask, so I was a bit nervous to say the least! I felt like I was at a school disco waiting for the hottest boy in school to ask me to dance but after the champagne I was chatting to everyone!

How amazing is that Aussie hamper? We got to help ourselves to some products to take home. Needless to say I was very excited and as an Aussie virgin I cannot wait to try them all out. I think I might treat myself to the deep conditioner later this week.

I felt very special as I look full advantage of having my hair beautifully curled, as someone who has heavy hair my curls are not always my friend. They always drop out and I have to put so much hairspray on. But I have no idea how the stylist did it but these curls were so soft and stayed in until this morning. I also wore foundation for the first time as I got my make up done, not sure I was a fan! I wimped out getting my shamefully bitten nails done, too embarrassed!

I think I enjoyed the half naked men serving me canapés a bit more than I should have, although it was a bit disturbing when one of them started serving sausages...

The venue was amazing and tucked away on Shaftesbury Avenue where we had full use of the rooftop, felt very exclusive! We all found it surprisingly well after a little help from an iphone!
I haven't been to many posh venues; I tend to stick to the dark and dingy ones.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Lisa for allowing me to gatecrash and to Steph who allowed me to use her pictures. Fingers crossed I will get invited to some more events in the future, they are so much fun!

Just a skater girl

Cream skater dress: H&M
Black chain belt: Primark
Black opaque tights: Primark
Black studded smoking slippers: Topshop

Gosh this camera is awful, bring on getting a new one. I feel like I have lost a limb without my normal camera!

This dress was a bargain at £15, even better that I had a voucher to use so it was in reality free! Orginally brought it for work but alas it's too short and I am sure people in the office do not want to see my behind so it has be resigned for meals out. Shame you can't really see my shoes but I brought those studded loafers from Topshop that everyone seems to be blogging about. Know what ones I mean? They are so comfy and literally feel like slippers. Best £28 I have spent in a long time!

Off out tonight for my best friends birthday to eat lots of noodles. I am gatecrashing her family meal! Not seen her since before the summer so I am very excited to see her beautiful face. Just a shame she's not down for longer. Ahhh well hopefully I can kidnap her when she comes home for Christmas. Kinda selfish of her to live so far away to be honest!

Massive hello to my new readers, you seem to have appeared from nowhere! I am very grateful that you read the old blog.

A snapshot #2

001. My Glossybox came though the post this week. I was really pleased with all the products especially the nail varnish. It applies like a dream! I completely understand why some people were disappointed as it was a bit of a con to get four products all by the same brand

002. After finishing my contract last Friday I have found myself at a loose end. I have spent most of this week lazing around in bed watching True Blood. Nearly finished the first series, just need to get my hands on the second.

003. I decided to have a little raid of the charity shops and came away pleasantly surprised. I found another wine coloured Kelly bag in pristine condition to add to my collection. Managed to get my hands on Never Been Kissed, amazing film. I used to watch it all the time when I was at school. I finally finished off the Stieg Larsson trilogy so am starting the first one this week. The uno cards will come in handy perfectly to take on holiday to pass some time round the pool.

004. New shoes! I jumped on the glitter shoe bandwagon with these beauties. Not the most sensible thing to do as I don't have a job but look how pretty they are! They will be perfect for the festive season. Who needs Miu Miu?

005. Nom nom nom! Me and the boy trotted off to Westfield for the day extremely hungover. Shopping is not fun when your head feels like it is about to explode. However this jerk chicken managed to soften the blow. It was amazing!

What has your week been like?

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