I'll be in the lobby drinking for two

I love the sleeves on this dress. The little frills are so cute!
I finally got a full outfit shot, I roped my boyfriend into it (not without him moaning though). This is what i wore when i went out for noodles with the jazzacise group. Ive been very bad though not really been for the last two weeks, im not one for venturing out in the cold!

Dress: Primark

Coat: Next

Black wedges: New looks

Bag: Gift

Tights: Primark

Cameo Earrings: Topshop

Nail Varnish: Rimmel

Lipstick: Rimmel

This is the first time ive tried red lipstick. I love red lipstick, it just provokes old hollywood glamour. I have a fetish for red nails and lips. I quite like it but I think I can find a better red. I might invest in a MAC lipstick. Im starting to prefer lipstick over gloss now. Anyone got a red lipstick that they reconmend?

This may be my new favourite dress. I spotted it the other whilst browsing Primark trying to waste time before work which is never a good idea. They only have two sizes and one was in my size so it must be fate. I snapped it up and stayed in that weekend haha! It is rather short and I could never go bare legged in it. But it has a pussy bow and polka dots so its a win win!

I also invested in some bumpits. I tried to make a mini beehive. It came out ok but I think I need to allow myself some more time. It was kinda rushed. I might try and prefect it once ive finish my coursework

Fashion Icon Friday

Camilla Belle
Camilla Belle is an American actress and frequently tops the best dress lists. Her most famous role to date was in Push, a Sci-fi thriller staring Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans. She isn't yet that well known as an actress.

I must admit i've yet to see any of her films and only know about her due to the sheer amount of magazines that I read. I spend a fortune. But she always look so lovely. Shes not groundbreaking in what she wears but she always seems to look classy, no matter how much leg she has on show. Ive not yet seen a photo where I didnt like her outfit. Her style seems to be quite girly and feminine which in my opinion is what being a girl is all about. I like to fluff myself up sometimes.This Jason Wu dress is amazing. I read somewhere that it was custom made especially for her to wear at the annual Met Ball. What I wouldn't give for someone to make me a dress as beautiful as this. A ticket to the Met wouldnt go amiss either! I love the way she blends into the red carpet yet stands out. The fact that its off the shoulder adds a little sexiness to it and stops it from being boring. I love everything about this look, the up do, clutch and earings just seem to look effortless.

All images from various sources on google.


Christmastime mistletoe and wine

We put our Christmas tree up at the weekend. Its massive, my dad must have picked the fattest one in the shop. I just love the smell of them, gets me in a festive mood. There is just something special about a real Christmas tree isn't there? I wasn't really that fussed about the big day until we put the tree up and now I can see all the presents its getting me excited!
I have actually been really good so far, usually I have a feel of all my presents, Im not one for surprises! But Ive managed to stay away. There just seems to many for me too look through and I can't be bothered!
I can tell its Christmas too by my cold i've come down with. My sinus' always make a special appearance at this time of year and its always a week before deadline day which is terrfic. Im not too worried about handing my work, Ive actually been quite organised this year and have done most of it, just waiting for lecturers to hand back the drafts so I can correct whatever needs doing which hopefully wont be too much! Im trying to motivate myself to complete my reflective essay today while eating a pile of chocolate that my brownies brought me.

Haha you can see a bit of my reflection in that decoration!

This is the extent of Christmas decorations in my room. It used to be my Grandads and sings wiggling it bum when it has batteries in it! My room is not very festive looking! Although I have spotted a cloth Merry Christmas vintage style banner in Next that I fancy stringing from the shelves. I might treat myself, will only work out £7.50 with discount.

Once again thank you to all the new followers. I still cant believe that eight people are interested in what I do. Big hug to everyone!


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