Vintage delights

Now I must admit when someone mentions Colleen Rooney, she does not strike me as someone who I would look to as a fashion Icon. Give her credit though, she has come a long way from those yellow moon boots. They actually made me throw up a little in my mouth.

But this dress, oh this is a beauty. A lot of critics slated it and said she was too young to wear it, its made her look frumpy yadda yadda. But I think its divine for those very reasons, I love the fact it looks frumpy, like a throwback from the past and something that my nan might have worn in her heyday. I love everything about it, the colour, the frills at the bottom, the pleats to be honest I could go on and on.

Im going to make it my mission to find one while im on my travels to vintage and charity shops. A dress like this is right up my street.

I wouldnt mind a pair of Louboutins like Colleen either if im honest. Id change the bag though, something just doesnt look right with it.

Mile High

I want a flying jacket.

Realistically I cant afford the Burberry version as beautiful as it is, my wages cannot stretch to that. Hell I cant even stretch to the Topshop one. I maybe could have done pre Beatrice but now she takes all my money. If this is what a real child is like, ill pass thanks.

Ive found a gorgeous one in H&M, granted its not leather. I do love leather but beggers cannot be chosers. The price tag is only £24.99. Bargain. I wold ideally like one with sheepskin round the cuffs as well and in brown. But this is the best one I can find for the money. Someone at Uni has it and it looks divine on.

It might very well have to be a purchase when I get paid. I need to treat myself for losing half a stone right?

Lets hope Westfield has one in stock on the 30th.


I really do need to pay more attention to this blog. Well over a month till the last update, shocker! Not that many people are that interested in my life.

So much has happened over this past month, Ive barely had time to stop and think.

First up I finally own my own set of wheels. Beatrice, my beautiful green corsa. Oh i love her. She is such a beauty, proudest car owner alive! I love the freedom she gives me, i now longer have to beg for lifts. I can go any place anytime and dont have to justify it to anyone. The other week I had an arguement with the fella and I just stormed out and drove home. I came back 10 minutes later but still it felt good. Usually id have to sit there and sulk in his house for the entire night. Ill post some pictures of my lovely when I remember. Helen, my babeface, they will be especially for you :)

Secondly I am now a qualified Brownie Leader which means I can have a brownie pack in any place in the country. Slightly owrrying though that parents would trust me to look after their kids! I get my presentation soon. This is prehaps one of my proudest achivevments and yes I know how much this makes me look like a geek. Bothered!

Thirdly I spent a few days in Ireland visiting the other halfs family. I have completely and utterly fallen in love with that country. I love the people, the culture, the irish music in the pubs, the hills and the relaxed way of life. It was everything I expected and more. I cant wait to go back at Easter. I only wish I could have stayed longer.

Fourthly I am now back at dreaded Uni and my stress levels have already hit the roof. I cant wait for this year to be over and then its into the real world. Ill be doing a job that Ill have been dreaming off since i was 11. Hello Sophie Warner, the Journalist.

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