Summer slip ons

Today the sun had finally put it's hat on - how long till it last? - so it had me thinking about the perfect summer shoe. I don't really need much excuse to buy shoes so these are just a few of my picks for this year. You can find some absolutely amazing women's shoes online.

I'm obsessed with ankle straps at the minute and these teal asos sandals tick all the boxes. The beautiful colour is neutral enough to go with most things and the gold ankle strap add a little bit of bling. Yes I did just go there with that word.

I'm a animal print fiend especially when it comes to leopard print. I love it and think it's the ultimate accessory. These Oasis sandals have just the right amount with it screaming in your face. I love the simple straps and back support. There's nothing worse than a sandal slipping while you're trying to go about your daily business.

Sometimes you need a little height. I'm not talking penguin wobbling impressions height but more have a strut in your step height. This is where the Asos flatforms come into play. I'm envisioning these with patterned trousers and midi skirts. An investment no?

If money wasn't any object i'd buy these Swedish Hasbeens in a heartbeat. Nothing screams summer to me than a good clog and the pretty pastel colour pulls at my heart strings. I'm just not too keen on wearing them - I don't deal with pain very well.

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Recipe - Weightwatchers Quorn and Aubergine Lasagne

You know when you have a meal and you don't want it to end? This was one of those times! To be honest it was a bit of a make shift dinner as i'd left the mince i'd bought at lunch in the fridge at work. Ultimate schoolboy error. Vegetable Moussaka was out of the window and it was time to improvise with what I already had at home.  I only have an instagram picture so it's a little blurry. Sorry guys but I had a few requests and I don't know when i'll make it again!

I've been trying to be vegetarian during the week in a bid to become healthier and hit my five a day. It also helps you get to eat more on Weightwatchers! If you have any tasty vegetarian recipes, link me in the comments please!

To serve one you will need:
88g of quorn pieces
1/2 an aubergine
1/2 an onion
1 teaspoon of easy garlic
2 tablespoons of half fat creme fraiche
2 dried lasange sheets
1 carton of chopped tomatoes
1 tablespoon of parmesan cheese
Few squirts of fry light

It comes to 10 propoints. To help make it lower you can always use less creme fraiche, less pasta sheets and less cheese

001. Chop all the veg and thrown it into a wok with the quorn pieces and garlic. Make sure you give the wok a few squirts of fry light so it doesn't stick. Fry for around 4-5 minutes and chuck in half of the chopped tomatoes. Cook for a further three minutes until you're happy with the softness of the veg.

002. I only used 1 and a half sheets of lasange sheets as my pot wasn't big enough so you may need to break them up before you start to layer. Start with a dollop of mixture at the bottom, then the lasange sheet, then another dollop and the final sheet.

003. Pour on the rest of the chopped tomatoes. You can use tomato passata if you prefer a smoother texture. Pop on the creme fraiche and try to smooth it around as evenly as possible. Sprinkle on the parmesan cheese.

004. Pop in the oven for around 40 minutes at around 180 degrees. I use a fan assisted oven so your cooking times may be different to mine. Keep checking it throughout to make sure it doesn't burn. I served mine with roasted pepper and tomatoes but to be honest you don't need to add anything to it as it's amazingly filling. I had a food baby once i'd finished!

Let me know if you make it!

Bloggers take over Cardiff

Last week I travelled down to Cardiff to meet up with Gem and Emma. It was the first time i'd actually met Emma in person but we got on like a house on fire. There was a reason why we started talking in the first place! Some of these pictures were stolen from Emma's instagram.

I really did have the most amazing weekend - Gem was an absolutely brilliant guide. She took us out for a cracking night out where we ended up in Welsh club dancing to indie classics and dirty pop. The night went so well it ended with us laying in bed eating Mcdonalds at 4am. Surely that's the pinnacle of all nights out? You know you've had a good one! The whole weekend was spent eating - the delicious picnic was very kindly supplied by Marks and Spencer - and drinking pitchers in Wetherspoons. It was so fantastic to listen to Gem reel off the history of the city as we wandered around. It's always nice to get a local's take. The above breakfast of Chorizo Eggs Benedict in Cozy Club went down a treat on Sunday - I may have ordered some extra toast to combat the hangover too....

It was a bit of a bummer to go home but i'll no doubt be back in Wales soon. I may have even texted my best friend at silly o'clock in the morning informing her we need to plan a girls weekend there NOW!

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