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Well LDN Lunch was amazing even if I do say say myself. I honestly don't think it could have gone any better and from what I can gather everyone seemed like they had a really nice day. There was lots of gossiping, cocktail drinking, ahhhing over outfist and lots of food consumed which was what of course it was all about. So can we do it all again soon please ladies?

I must say a huge thank you to my partners in crime Eloise and Claire. You two really were amazing. Plus a huge thank you to everyone that made it, it was so nice to finally meet some of you in person. I knew there was a reason why I talk to you all so much on Twitter ;) It was such a shame that I didn't get to talk to more ladies, I found it all a bit overwhelming but in a good way!
Just look at the concentration in my face! Thanks to Kirstin for capturing that! This is the best photo of my whole outfit but you guys have seen it all before here.
Eloise and I getting our organising caps on. Once again thanks to Kirstin for the photo.

The lovely Chelsey, Charlotte and Rachel. Photo was taken by Charlotte.

Did someone say cocktails?
The beautiful Lowri, Sarah and Gem - it was so so lovely to meet these girls!
Sian winning the best dressed blogger. Very well deserved!

Lovely ladies Sian, Stacey, Rebecca (who is actually from my hometown, small world!) and Sarah

Be sure to read the #LDNLunch hastag to see everyone elses posts on the day :)

Review: Liz Earle skincare

A little while ago, ok a long while ago now, I was very kindly gifted two skincare products from Liz Earle. Thank so much ladies :) I've waited this long because I wanted to use it all up so I could give you all a balanced reviews. After all how can you tell what a product is like if you've only used it a few times eh? I am so sorry about the bad quality images, I somehow deleted the ones I wanted to use and have thrown the packaging away so I can't photograph them anymore :(

The first product I was gifted was the Skin Repair Moisturiser and it retails at £18.25 for a 50ml jar. I chose the cream suitable for dry and sensitive skin. First of all I love Liz Earle packaging, it's such a pretty colour and looks really nice on your dressing table. This cream was really thick which is what I look for in a cream, I like to feel my skin really soak it in. Smell is also really important to me, after all who wants to put a stinker on their face? Certainly not me! Luckily this smells lush, almost fruity. I think this is due to the avacado oil. I suffer with dry skin especially around my nose. I find if I don't use the right mosturiser it starts to look like i've been buying some of the wrong coke. Not a good look to be perfectly honest. But this completely combats that look which is perfect for me! The only downside is how quickly it ran out. I like to lather my face in moisturising meaning that face cream never last me that long. I'll be buying this again as soon as my funds allow. I do think it really pays - excuse the pun- to splash out on moisuriser as you can really feel the difference. My skin felt so supple and clean, i've really noticed the difference now i've had to go back to my Johnson one - it's good but it doesn't quite get as high marks as Liz Earle.

The second product I was gifted was the Instant Boost Skin Tonic spritzer and it retails at £12.50. I just didn't really get on with the spray. I first of all tried to spray it directly on my face but then I didn't like the feeling of the product dripping down my face. I then tried spraying it on and then immediately wiping it around my face with a cotton wool pad. Then finally I settled on spraying it directly onto a cotton wall pad and wiping it over my face. It does take about 6-7 sprays before i'm happy with the amount of product. The toner does feel lovely on my skin but I don't think it helps me anymore than my cheaper one does. I didn't find it as good for my skin as I had the moisturiser and Cleanse and Polish. I don't think i'll buy this again. However I have no complaints with it and like I said I do think it's a really nice toner.

Have you got a favourite Liz Earle product? I am a complete convert!

Lady in red

Red skater dress with black belt: Matalan
Black tights: Primark
Patent mid heeled courts: Next

Not the most ground breaking outfit i've ever worn but this is what I typically wear to work. A knee length dress with heels. I'm lucky in the fact I can wear what I want but I just don't feel comfortable turning up to work in jeans. It's always nice to get a little dressed up everyday isn't it? This dress was an absolute bargain at just £9 from Matalan, my lovely mother hunted it out for me. It really is such lovely quailty and fully lined. Not bad for under a tenner! I think it's going to become a staple for me. I instantly felt I had a spring in my step this morning wearing such a bright dress!

It's LDN Lunch tomorrow girls! How quick has it come around? I am so excited to meet all of you and have a good old natter. And of course some well deserved cocktails! I really hope you all have such a lovely time. A massive thank you to my buddies Claire and Eloise who have both sweated blood to make sure this all comes off. See you all tomorrow! :)

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