We drank wine in the matinee

Pink and white polka dot midi dress: Primark
Nude faux suede court shoes: Primark
Vintage faux croc bag: Snoopers Paradise, Brighton
Pearl charm bracelet: Thomas Sabo

I have had these since Saturday but I just couldn't bring myself to post them after what England has witnessed over the past few days. Somehow my new dress seemed irrelevant when so many people have had their lives destroyed. It has been such an awful few days; I honestly cannot believe that something so animalistic can happen in my city and in my country. London is a strange place at the minute; people are on edge just waiting for more violence to occur. I honestly believe that this is not about poverty, the shooting of Mark Duggan, unemployment or lack of youth services. This was pure thugery. These looters destroyed lives, how is this justified? They ripped out the heart of their communities and for what? A new pair of trainers? I would like everyone to know that I am thinking of you and fingers crossed we can get back to normality.

Please take a few minutes out of your time and help this man. This picture really hits homes just how traumatic the riots really were. It breaks my heart. Things like this make me proud to be British. We are good people.

Anyway onto the outfit! My mum very kindly took pity on me and treated me this dress I had been lusting for over for week. It is just so gorgeous and I feel like a real lady! It will be perfect to take on holiday although I am not quite sure that flats will do it justice? I have a obsession with dresses that create a swirl when you spin round, I just want to skip along the street! Finally used this bag that I brought an age ago in Brighton. Not really had the right outfit to pair it with.

Hope everyone stayed safe these last few days.

Don't leave your life in the hands of a rock and roll band

Leopard print peter pan collar: River Island via Ebay
Nude patent bow loafers: Primark
Topshop rustic gold bangle: Gift
Red plastic watch: Toywatch

I wore this to work on Friday. I love the little peter pan collar on it although it does seem a little trend overload with an exposed zip and the fact it is leopard print. I have started to wear my hair like this when it's hot. I have far too much hair at the minute, it seems to have grown so much over night. There is nothing worse than having long hair in rush hour on the tube when everyone is hot and sweaty. My new pet hate is having other peoples hair stuck to my arm...

Look at me posting twice in one week eh? Not really much to report. I did a bootsale today and made a grand total £3 after we took the £11 out we paid for the car. Not the most successful one. I suppose it is still £3 I never had and I sold some more junk.

Not really doing much this weekend, off to a my mum's friends 40th birthday tonight. My dad and boyfriend have refused to go, anyone else’s other half unsociable? My boyfriend is extremely sociable with his friends but does not want to know when he won't know anyone. I have given up making him go anywhere! Working tomorrow, doing a bit of overtime but might be going out for an Indian afterwards which will be nice!

What does everyone else have planned for their weekend?

London Calling

I spent the day with my boyfriend on the Southbank yesterday visiting the Festival of Britain. Despite regularly taking the 25 minute train journey into the city, I had never really spent much time south of the river. My granddad is a back cabbie and being the staunch Eastender that he is (born in Shoreditch) he refuses to cross the river to go down "sarf". He states that they are not quite right. Obviously I don't share the same opinion :)

001. Basking in the sunshine! Unfortunately the seem on my lovely trousers split and I had to take them back to Next after work today :( As they were in the sale I just had to get my money back. The hunt on eBay starts!

002. We ventured to the Clink museum in the afternoon. It was really interesting but we were in and out within 20 minutes as it was tiny! The Clink used to be an old medieval prison and they have various torture devices on display. Ouch!

003. I never tire of seeing the sites in London.

004. We refuelled at Pizza Express for lunch. Not bad for 40p eh? I love vouchercodes!

005. I cannot for the life of me remember what this art sculpture was called but I particularly liked this poem. It was a selection of poems from immigrants all spoken aloud.

006. The House of Parliament and Mr Ben :)

007. I wanted to take this ice cream van home with me!

008. Welcome to the giants house!

009. I never even knew this existed! We wandered off to find a toilet and stumbled across this little gem of random shops and cafes. That is the one thing I adore about London, you never know where you might end up and there are so many treasures just waiting to be found.

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